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Would you be willing to do this?


Would you be willing to do this?  

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  1. 1. No OTA’s, shortened minicamp, 2 preseason games and a ten game season with no crowds?

    • Yes
    • No

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Even less practice than they already do now?  ****.  The play would be even worse and the lack of fan participation would make the games like one of those UEFA soccer matches where the fans are banned.  No way.  Hold out till the last possible day and just cancel the season.  Either do it right or just accept the fact that unplanned crises sometimes gets in the way.

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Why couldn’t they just wait until November or even late December to START the season?

Football is a cold weather sport, and what difference would it make if the playoffs ended the end of March?

You could simply start FA a week or two later, and the ‘21 draft could go on as scheduled.

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14 in Green I disagree. Sometimes you have to make hard choices and this to me is not a good alternative   just cancel season if it comes to that as I really don’t want to see the NFL deteriorate any further and become the XFL  And who knows if there will be a college season as well so there might not be a draft either as college players might get an extra year of eligibility. 

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Nope, the season won’t be delayed.

Training camp doesn’t start to July 15, you could easily push that back to Aug 1 and still start the season on time with a shortened pre season.

corona will peak in two weeks, then it’s 1-2 months for it to subdue. That gives us basically two months of buffer after that...  We will be back to somewhat normal society sooner than that. If not, the entire economy will collapse. 

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