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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers


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Just now, The Crusher said:


Probably not the best strategy dear. 

He is the best player of all time tho.

He carried our last game as a team and now he is carrying town to "victory" again.

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11 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


Yep that was my plan too.  Then maybe no one else will ever run a dumb f**king cult game ever again.  Just like we ended Kingmaker games.

Pac is a special kind of stupid but he cant be that stupid.  No way he made a conversion game on the heels of the Kingmaker and a game he bitched about till the bitter sweet end.  

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5 minutes ago, GATA said:

No you're gross because you "think" I'm town yet you're voting me 

And?  I've been wrong before.  Let's find out.  You've become an informative lynch, at the least.  And your willingness to die earlier probably means that you're not an important role.  

Half the game is inactive and people want to focus that heavily on where I'm willing to vote?  GTFO.

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4 minutes ago, JiF said:

Was this the crux of Drums "case" on 80?   Meh, I've seen him do much dumber sh*t.  You know, like claim symp and drive a lynch on himself when he's town tracker. 

my fav is when he gets lynched for claiming LD 

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8 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I know, I was mocking the people who wrung their hands over the willingness to lynch GATA.  

What’s funny is it’s probably some solo MFer out there watching everybody cannibalize each other 

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1 hour ago, Jetscode1 said:


Too many not putting thoughts on the table for us to discuss.

JC scummy

JiF scummy

gata prob town or cool scum role that’s hard to lynch

80 scummy

nyn townish

aj townish ...maybe 

drums townish

barry townishy sorta

nol scum townyish w twinkledust 

CTM and Verb are scum

stark townish 

Leelou scumishly town

avm town all the way


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40 minutes ago, AVM said:

I feel like the backlash from mods would be severe but it would be worth it for the lulz

Thanks, this is fair enough. I know (re: not hiding)...hence my "wanting more" but not really wanting to lynch.


(skipped down to Verbs post to grab both together)

RED = blood. Vampires...need blood. Lobsters...pinch. Much like...teeth. Biting with teeth. To get blood.




(this is both a joke and I'm staying on GATA)

Self-preservation, changing your mind, what?

You put this out there and I can buy that she's trying to signal something w/the all caps red there. But then you conclude with this is both a joke and you're staying on GATA. Are you actually suggesting something could be going on w/that?

I've read the wiki on cults but I don't get how any sort of signaling could be useful with that - except maybe to signal to scum not to kill her? Help a noob out here.

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2 hours ago, deckerfan said:

Official Vote Count:

Gata (7) - Lizzie, jvill, Stark, Leelou, AVM, Nolder, JIF

Nolder (3) - Nyn, 32EBoozer, SMC

Drums (1) - JC

80 (3) - Verbal, Drums, Barry

JIF (2) - Hess, Gata

DPR (1) - Beaver

AJ (1) - 80


With 21 reapers alive, it takes 12 to lynch

If Gata and Nol were both town who would everyone want to lynch?

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1 hour ago, Verbal said:

Mine made sense, that simple.  Feel free to ignore it.



Just my impression, that's all.  Other share it, whatever.  Town core is not something people do here, so it really doesn't impact much at this point.  I'm playing, but not digging too deep.  Deal.



You're doing an awful lot of agreeing and making easy/simple statements, and not much of the digging you're accusing me of not doing.  Just food for thought.



Ironic, eh?


Vote Verbal


oh thats me "dealing". Glad you got me to see the light.

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1 hour ago, DPR said:


Nolder is acting like a freak. On D1. And none of his reasoning matches his over-the-top reactions.

A.J. Choosing to iso and compare Nols behavior is just plain scumhunting. 

Nyn trying to squash talk of a conversion game is ridiculous when everybody is thinking it and nobody is doing much about it besides mentioning it as a strong possibility. Apathy does not equal fearmongering.

it’s also good to take note that D1 is now at 34 pages, which makes it a bitter pill to swallow if it does turn out to be a conversion game and we need to go back and compare player’s posts. 

I’m good to vote Nol while squinting at Nyn

Omg you're right. Lets just all sit and stare at each other instead because this could be a conversion game!

Awesome plan!

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