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Braxton Berrios has gone from afterthought to Jets’ leading receiver


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5 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

No one is saying we should.   All we're arguing is he shouldn't be the most-targeted WR on the team.

And Berrios is not Julian Edelman.

You’re right. The only reason berrios got open is because the defense didn’t care to give up short yardage at that point in the game. Still, he’s a sixth round cast off playing way above his head and size. It’s nice. I would rather see Mims play and Moore be the slot tbh and keep him as a special teamer. 

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Berrios is a coach’s crutch. He’s smart, so he’s easy to rely on at least understanding the play and his role. He presents zero threat to the D physically, but he at least will reliably be where he’s supposed to be. While it’s nice to have this type of player, coaches tend to lean on them like a binky. Especially new coaches. Berrios doesn’t help this team win games, not should he be in our long term plans. The best course was to cut Berrios, remove the comfort of having him, and force the coaches to coach up better, younger talent.

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