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Honestly, Rodgers looked old


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Thats why we should have went for Carr and got a OT. Woody wanted this so he could sell tickets. Just look at the attendance tonight 83k as much as the SB.  I was one the few on this board that did not want this trade. I wanted Carr buy us time and grab a QB in a future draft to replace Carr. Zach is not future he is showing that nothing has changed since last year.

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48 minutes ago, Facts said:

I’m leaving the game.

Yes, the o-line is bad, but he was completely oblivious to the pass rushers on both pass attempts. His reaction time was very poor. And that was not a hard hit he took. The Bills linebacker did not even land on him.

As you get older, it’s much easier to pull something, strain something, have slowed reaction times to pass rushers, etc. It’s part of aging.

In short, I honestly, sadly, think we were duped. Green Bay saw the writing on the wall. Saw he was old and about at the end. And they decided to jettison him (no pun intended) while they could still get a bounty.

Even if he comes back this season, I see little hope for the Super Bowl aspirations so many had. He’s old.


Schitts Creek Goodbye GIF by CBC


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9 minutes ago, WickedAwesome said:

Have you ever seen an Aaron Rodgers game? That’s what he does. He holds the ball. In the playoffs it results in losses that the media can blame the offensive line on.

I've seen plenty.  He has one of the quickest get offs with a run game that allows those long developing plays... if you have actually watched. 

He does that crap after he is established in the game! 

Did you watch the preseason giants game too see it....

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