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Justin Miller-Interesting Statistic


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Have you been drinking with Gainzo again?

That post is absolutely retarded.

Maroney doesn't have a KO return for a TD and Miller has two. You're a great KO returner if you have a good average + put the ball in the endzone.

Maroney - 2nd , 0 TD's

Miller - 1st, 2 TD's

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If you take away Miller's two kick-off returns for touchdowns, he would not be leading the NFL in kick-off returns.


Take the 3 losses off the Pats schedule and they'd still be undefeated.

Take the 2nd Jets game off the schedule and Bradys shoulder would be 100%.

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If you took away all gg's non-football related posts, she would have as many posts as Sooth on this message board.

Sooth doesn't post much on his own board. Well not under his real name anyhow. Gotta love those aliases though.

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