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Record-Breaking Breasts

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One woman stopped at nothing to achieve her twin dreams: a 38KKK bust, and a world record

We were already fairly impressed last April, when we heard (via ABC) that one Sheyla Hershey traveled to Houston for a boob job. And not just any boob job: An enhancement bound for the record books. Because after eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, the petite model/actress was a staggering 34 FFF.

Still, Hershey wanted more! And she was determined to get it. When her boyfriend begged her to stop, she broke up with him (note to men: You have to support our dreams, no matter how deluded and life-threatening silly they might seem!).

But Hershey was forced to settle with her FFF mosquito bites because "the state of Texas has limits on the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants," noted ABC. Reading this, we found ourselves impressed by Texas, because we didn't think it was the kind of state to impose limits on such things, what with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the state priding itself on everything being bigger there and whatnot.

But, as Hershey discovered through diligent research, they have no such restraint in Brazil! And so now, after a ninth surgery, she's the proud owner of both a 38KKK bust (according to Britain's Daily Star) and the world record for largest breasts. We wonder if Guinness has a category for worst back pain.

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Shucks, no beer belly, though I've been working on it. Maybe in a few years ;)

But yeah, I'm thinking they have to be the size of a cupcake, which roughly equals the size of a fist.

cupcake sized fists = small penis......... I read it in this months mod magazine

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Those are photoshopped.

In the early 90's there was an explosion of humungous implants, mainly for use in the topless bars. Every newspaper had ads in the back for places with girls that had unbelievably huge funbags. A friend of mine had a picutre on his wall with his head jammed between these things that looked like the airbags had deployed in his car.

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