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Throne of Dust: Day 5


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Comedy rule #1:  Know when to quit on a joke



I humiliated and destroyed you last game..  I thought you learned a lesson but apparently not.  Keep chirping little bird.  You may wake up dead!!  I mean you may never wake up!!  Cause you'll be dead... and won't even know it.



Comedy rule #2: do as I say, not as I do?

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I haven't read any of the thread you dopey ass. I had enough time to figure out my vote got stolen, and saw nothing else. I was with clients. I was stupid for even checking in when I did. I probably could have talked my way out of the whole situations, if I was around. Everyone here knows I would have tried at least.

You'll pick up on some of the courtesies and unwritten rules as you play more. Focus on strategy over ego. I made the mistake when I first started of mirroring all the chest-thumping and bragging that guys like Slats, Pac, JIF and CTM do... rather than learning the strategy or courtesy side first.

Lol so even though you didn't follow the thread you're going to critique my play in order to help me learn? Not saying you aren't making good points though. Muah

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Lol so even though you didn't follow the thread you're going to critique my play in order to help me learn? Not saying you aren't making good points though. Muah


My game is over dude. I'm just making sure as you play more, you focus on smart play. I care about the gamesmanship. I assume you thought my excuses about work and sh*t were a reason I might be scum? Everyone here knows I play out front as scum, just as much as I do as town.


One on the courtesies of mafia play is NOT to lie about or use real life preoccupation as a "cover" to hide behind. I never do that sh*t. EVER. As a community we just came off a long hiatus, I play a lot, I put a lot into games, but with the baby I'm finding I can't put as much into games. I was being completely sincere.


One of the logical aspects of mafia is that you have to know the mafia team will only comprise 25-33% of the game. The last game was a rare setup. Usually the odds heavily favor hitting town on a play like you made. Aside from that, I gave you good, sound strategy advice on how to get more info out of a play like you made. 


No, I haven't read the thread, but I know enough to know you shot me because I wasn't online. So, before you beat your chest, at least acknowledge the risk you took, because in another game we may have been town together and nobody would be patting you on the back. You'd be the idiot.


So, rather than getting defensive and trying to give me lip. See this for what it is... perspective. Some people take 10 games to figure this stuff out, because nobody explains it. Nobody explained it to me. I was a trainwreck when I started.


Anyway, it's just friendly mafia talk. :D

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+1 I play for the lulz



lulz are the priority, but we're all here for the gamesmanship too.


We've had people wash out in a ******* sh*t show fashion because they didn't "get" that part of it. I guess I'm just trying to make sure that doesn't happen with you. 


I tend to be a little bit of a mafia community gate keeper... 

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Soft morning light flickers through the stained-glass windows, of the rise and glories of the proud kingdom. The colors danced in the room waking everyone up. The seemed to focus on a lump on the floor. Mixing and mingling with the dead body. Beloved Smash lay there with his throat cut in a pool of his own blood.

Smash has been NK

15. Farrah Rentue - The former kings advisor and strikingly beautiful many get to call her the true Queen for as beautiful she is, she is just as sage. Having no real desire to be queen she also doesn't want the others running down all she worked to build

Role: Captivating Presence

Role Description: You can end one day or night early. No lynch or no night actions can be used.

It's day 3.

With 13 alive it takes 7 to lynch

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I drive five hours to DC, it is still night when I get here, Lilly checks in around 11:45 and Smash dies 20 min later. Coincidental my friends?

Since I'm the self appointed new Ape on the block I'll take over where he left off.


The answer to your question is...maybe.

In actuality it is entirely possible that Lily is say a doc or a cop.

The mafia could have submitted their kill hours ago and the only thing we were waiting on was for Lily to protect or investigate.


I don't believe that myself but that is how night actions work 95% of the time.

The other 5% is where actions happen as they are submitted. So if two people have a nightkill and they shoot at each other the one that shoots first kills the other and lives whereas normally both would die. This type of gameplay is kind of rare though.

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