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Ok season over, time to play, whose starting a game?

Lizard King

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9 hours ago, Leelou said:

I really don't have free time. Working full time, taking a course that requires assignments turned in every Wednesday, and Sunday, and I just started dating a guy. Plus, KH3 is coming out in a few weeks and I'm still trying to work on RDR2. 

I just got RDR2 lol. So @HessStation is that game canceled then or are you going to do it alone?

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Ok, give me a couple days to come up with my setup.

I already know my theme but I'm not exactly sure how the mechanics are going to work yet.

Just know you will have some sort of currency and it will be used to purchase...idk.

Maybe roles, maybe modifiers like 1x, maybe both or something else.

Not sure yet that's as far as my brain got with this idea when I thought of it last year.

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5 hours ago, Stark said:

@The Crusher seriously?.......

oh well.

lol, right... You must have missed the earlier games with me and crushers sweet one. Rest well @JiF


Its January 2019 retard

4 hours ago, JiF said:

Not really.  Last year just wasnt fun at all.


We had good times and you know it.

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6 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

Ape is just pissed he can't take credit for JiF leaving. Won't be another notch on his toilet.


Well, @JiF I hope you return to teh mafia some day, bud.

He get knocked the **** out by a robot 

For a guy who posted here for years without knowing what the little B icon did I'd say its fitting a malfunctioning bit of techmology ultimately did him in

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