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PYP2021 Game Thread

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1. 80

2. Spoot 

3. IntegrApe

4. Jvill

5. Stark

6. Barry

7. Ballin

8. Jif

9. Kdels

10. JC

11. Gata

12. CTM

13. Drums


Game setup: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Pick_Your_Poison


The way Pick Your Poison works is once the sign ups are filled teams are randomized and Mafia are given an opportunity to pick 3 unique* roles from a list of roles that Town will have. Ie they pick their poison. Once Mafia has decided which roles they want those roles are randomly given to 3 Town players and the game begins with a Day start.


*There cannot be two of the same role. Example: There cannot be two 1x Cops.

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As you all walk in to the game thread at the start of Day you notice familiar faces. Everyone is happy to see their mafia forum buddies since it's been awhile since the last game and everyone has had a tough year and a stressful holiday season. After making the rounds once or twice things start to get awkward. You all know why you're here and you know some among you are not who they seem to be. The initial chatter dies down and everyone looks around waiting for someone else to do something first. The moment drags on. Eyes shift back and forth, quicker each time. Someone coughs and a few heads snap at the sound. In the back there's a quick but sharp pffffttt of a fart and a few people shuffle away covering their mouths. The tension continues to build again and when several people are internally thinking this is going on too long so something must be wrong a loud voice booms through a small unnoticed speaker in the corner of the room:




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