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Why did JOK slip so far?

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I'm very surprised, he seems like the perfect player for today's NFL, being able to run sideline to sideline, cover and tackle in space. I suppose GMs just don't value his position, but was an amazing pick up by the Browns. Day 1 difference maker

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I admit I don't know a ton about the guy, but people on here were saying they'd be happy taking him at 34.

Every year, some players just fall.  I do really think the Browns have finally grown up into a real NFL franchise.

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Just now, T0mShane said:

The best explanation I saw was that it’s hard to get guys like this on the field and the scout pointed to Isiaiah Simmons’s problems in Arizona. Where do you play them that they won’t be exposed? 


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3 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

Nah. JOK can actually cover. And cover well. Lee didn’t do anything well. 

The rest of league saw Lee be a total disaster for the Jets so any undersized LB they are getting scared off


Yes I agree JOK is not Darron Lee he can actually play I’m just saying our recent 1st round picks are now cautionary tales throughout the country

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