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Max Mitchell Talks About Starting vs the Ravens


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Max Mitchell

Max Mitchell is set to make his first start against the Baltimore Ravens and he explains to the media what training camp has been like. He realized he was ready and could play in this league during OTAs. He also speaks about how much he has learned over the past few weeks.

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7 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

Love the attitude, love the confidence.  

But young buck might have just set himself up for an ass whooping tomorrow. 

Dumb comment at the end IMO.  Had Colin Baxter flashbacks when I saw Campbell like the tweet quoting Mitchell.

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Calais Campbell is 6’8” 300 

BS, who never says anything negative about his players, said Max has to learn to become “more of a man, if you will”.

In other words, he can’t anchor against power rushes.

This feels like Dylan Donahue proclaiming he should have been a 1st round pick.

Expecting it to be ugly.

Flacco better get the ball out quick.  A lot of screens and dump offs.

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43 minutes ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

What’s the bulletin board material? Calling him a freak athlete or a renowned player? If Campbell needs that as motivation he’s got bigger problems 

He basically called him a JAG at the very end 

“Nothing I can’t handle”

”Just a dude” (like everybody else)


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6 minutes ago, ASH1962 said:

LOL we may see Chris Streveler by week 2 due to QB1 & 2 getting killed

Seeing him trot onto the field would be the most exciting moment of Jets football in the last few seasons.  It might not last more than one snap, but oh, what a moment it would be.

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