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Other NFL games 12-10

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10 minutes ago, jamesr said:

If he's good, no way Cincy let him go. Not with Glass Joe as their starter.

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I am not sure they would have a choice.  Unless he is eligible for an RFA tender, he will be an unrestricted FA.

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Cap going up to 240 million next year up from 224.5

A few interesting games around the league, Bills almost in a must win vs KC.

Faker Lawrence is playing this week after being on the dead wagon last week.

Seattle also on life support must beat the Niner.  Jamal outta take Kittle right out of the game.... OLOLOLOLOLOOLO

Philly vs Dallas, as usual the totally reactionary recency biased national media were all on the Dallas band wagon again.  Philly is going to thrash the cowboys

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Mike LaFleur has the rams with 20 points at half vs the vaunted Ravens D

Bryce Young is awful 3-14

Derrick Carr winning!

As usual at half time the media heads praising the hell out of Fields for his runs (because he holds the ball and cant find his receivers), they are losing and he is as usual as always taking a hoard of terrible sacks.

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