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stop comlaining guys, were winning, we just gotta close it out, plus we get the ball back in the 2nd half, Sanchez was great the 1st half and the catch by Cotchery was just cluch, i love this guy! We could be easy losing right now, but our D is being stingy in the red zone, it was just a blown coverage on the colts td, calm down guys

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I was a celestial Jets fan before I was born to this Earth. [ I'm 23 ]

Damn women's right had to go and **** up a perfectly good system.

Mark Sanchez at the half: 5-for-7, 124 yds, 2 TDs, no INTs, 153.3 passer rating.

Colts hold the halftime edge in yards (250-216), first downs (12-7) and possession (15:34-14:26).

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This is awesome. I just hope we're up by 9 by the time 2 minutes comes around again. Need a good return after the half and get the wheels going again.

Colts made good adjustments to our pressure, now we need to adjust to their adjustments.

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Can we say **** Lowery

**** Sheppard

**** Coleman

**** Rhodes

**** Jones


Look, Rhodes was slow as usual getting his a$$ over, but the CB missed slapping it away by about 2 inches, it was a perfect throw. I can only imagine how many hundreds - if not thousands - of times, Manning has practiced that throw. Can't do much about it.

The blown coverage is another story.

Is a rather bizarre game, the Colts are running it a lot more than usual, and the Jets are passing alot.... :hmmm:

But as Cowher said, the Jets need to start grinding it out, keeping Manning off the field, and start mixing more of the running game in.

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A half away from the Super Bowl.

Let the kid play. We have to be aggressive on offense to beat Peyton. They can score too fast.

We must make proper adjustment on D. They are getting into a rhythm offensively and we cant ask the D to stop them in the redzone over and over again. Must find new ways to get pressure.

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this Lito thing is really bothering me. Why would Rex rock the boat now?

He was good enough to be on the field every play to beat the Chargers and now Coleman is better than him.

Doesn't add up.

yeah something is amiss.

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I'm not gonna stay here long, excellent game so far by the Jets. Excellent play calling by Schotty, great decisions. Greene was put in quickly, Smith finally threw a pass, the Colts have been kept off balance. Just brilliant, this new Schotty rocks.

Go JETS, SB here we come!

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We're pissing the game away. Too many missed chances.

Also Schotty found a way to telegraph that deep ball to Clowney. WHY PUT HIM IN AS THE ONE WR? Put in Cotch to keep them honest, Clowney is a one trick pony, teams know how to play him.

Need to take advantage of the fact that we're outplaying them in the trenches.

If Greene is out we may be done. No 2nd back at all. Disaster.

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