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what should we do in the offseason

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2 minutes ago, Larz said:

I think the focus should be mostly on offense even at the expense of some defensive talent. The Oline needs a lot of talent 

Yeah I agree. Offense still needs some work in the trenches plus the obvious need at QB. The FO has to go about this offseason immaculately, but unlike years past I feel like we're only a couple of pieces away. 

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QB:  Carr

OLine:  LT, Center, Re-sign Herbig as depth

Goodbyes:  McGovern, Fant, Mann, Lawson, Berrios, Ashtyn Davis, B Hall, L Joyner, K Alexander

Other Potential Cuts:  Whitehead, Mims, Corey Davis, Brown

Restructure:  CJ Mosley

Re-sign:  Quincy Williams, Rankins, Zeurlein, Jeff Smith (special teams)

Extend:  Quinnen Williams

FA:  Free Safety, Center, Punter, credible back-up QB (would love White but think he’s gone)

Draft:  LT, WR, LB, QB, DT, Depth


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1 hour ago, jgb said:

Jets should do only teh good moves. Not more of bad ones.

well that is all fine well n good but until you get a coordinator on ofense that only calls good plays it doens't matter.

if u r gonna call bad plays during the season you might as well do bad moves too so you are prepared.

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