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Hey let us know what you think, most of what we wanted to add is in place now. There are a few things that are still being worked on (chat room) but that will be up and running soon.

So check out the new front page and give us your thoughts. We added some new things we hope you like. Basically we wanted to make content easier to find. We will have plenty of camp reports and Jets News starting tomorrow (Thursday 7/24) and we think it is easy to find now.

Big thanks to Phinhater for all his work on the graphics and site redesign. He gave up a lot of his time for this and we appreciate his efforts. Please send some positive rep his way.

We still have some more work to do but hopefully everything is up and running 100% very shortly. So let us know what you think. I will start.

1. Site looks great. Now fix vbookie. :)

2. Can't access the wiki page.

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How about it?

But we will have to divide up Beans' pay. We can't afford to pay everyone. :shutit:

He suggested it... :bag:

Do the insider memberships not cover this any more? I guess it's time to raise prices!

I'm all about a team effort war ensemble - I'll get up with you when I get back from vacation and we can split the work between us and drago as well if he's good with it. :D


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The site seems very nice and it must have taken a huge effort by everyone involved. :sign0098: The only thing that surprized me when the site came back was the shade of green. For a few seconds I thought I had stumbled upon an Eagles site. At least it wasn't that stupid aqua shade. :biggrin:

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LOVE it ..great job to all....gotta go get some new posters ...I will work on it at camp!


:wine:thanks for my smilies.......

nice to see that a woman has broken the JN glass ceiling .. so to speak.

way to go bren! :yahoo:

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