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NFL Wildcard Weekend Games Thread


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Just now, Larz said:

O'Brien is playing with fire. Put his team to sleep

and this is exactly why its not over yet.  This is what O'Brien does.  1st Q - 10pts, 2nd Q - 10pts, 3rd Q - 0pts, 4th Q - (probably 0 pts).  If Oakland can just get anything going they can steal this game.

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Just now, Scoop24 said:

Lmaoo keep telling urself that 

Houston is a mathematical favorite from here to be sure... but telling you...  it isn't a lock yet.

Won't take much to be a one score game. Just a couple of plays and Houston/Brock are plenty capable of helping the Raiders out.

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9 minutes ago, JETSfaninNE said:

BoB is going to blow this game in the 4th quarter.  Such is tradition.

Would be hilarious. O'Brien is an overrated offensive hack that couldn't win with Brady.  He's another Jeff Fisher

4 minutes ago, Scoop24 said:

Raiders can't move ball man ., 

Even when the ball is catchable they don't execute

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5 minutes ago, JETSfaninNE said:

Not for nothing, Cook has thrown some nice passes, especially down the sideline, just... nobody seems capable of catching them

That sideline pass that Amari Cooper (who I badly wanted for the Jets) dropped was absolutely outstanding.  Not saying Cook has played well but I agree his WRs have done him no favors.

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Just now, jetrider said:

Rookie QB with zero experience on the road in playoffs vs a top defense that's expecting a simplified vanilla O. 

Oak's only chance is with creative gadgetry full banzai kamikaze and forced turnovers. 

But no Raider is giving much effort.

Looks like the Raiders are getting in some early practice for next year's Sam Darnold sweepstakes.

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1 minute ago, Tony The Wiz said:

You kidding me right. Give Cook the offensive line. 

He looks awful. Sugarcoat it all you want because you liked him coming out of school, but he has looked awful. Staring guys down, inaccurate, missing open guys, bad ball placement.  

I wasn't even critiquing Cook, I was merely stating a fact. The Cowboys have admitted that they wanted both Lynch and Cook over Dak.

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