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Anybody having trouble with the board?

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10 hours ago, Maxman said:

Can you clear your cache? That is what everyone was getting for the old set of ads.  Thanks.

Just realized I didnt clear my entire history and then when I did I didnt get the pop up.  So I think we're good.

Thanks Maxman. 

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The problem I've had for the last month is that the site is not remembering/storing my password. I am now on new password #10, after having one password for years. I cleared both cookies and cache, but it hasn't  helped. If I leave the site, or turn off computer, I am unable to log back in with the last password. On many occasions, it locks my account. Anyone else encountering this?

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5 minutes ago, adb280z said:

The only problem I have with the site is when I access it on my phone with tapatalk there are about 20 sticky threads, one of them is for buying FitzMagic shirts.  It'd be great if those weren't there.

Are those fans here selling them or a website? 

I still see Flo from Progressive and the Monopoly man spinning the wheel. 

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It looks like there is a fraction (small) of ads from the old network that is still causing the problem. I am trying to pin them down and get them fixed, but as far as I can see the switch to the other network took care of the majority of the problem.

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