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Here's a fun little clip of Jadaveon Clowney at Browns' camp.  Watch it all.    

Do you just copy and paste these posts and just change the names every year?   

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5 minutes ago, Ben Had said:

Fin's have one of the worst OL's in football...unfortunately Brisket could be next.

I have to question drafting a smaller QB with an injury history then putting behind one of the worst O line's I've seen

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8 hours ago, Beerfish said:

In the old days #8 for the phins would have taken renfro's head odd there.

Ravens did that exactly when H Renfrow  wasn’t even the target . Raiders sent the league numerous hits on Renfrow that they seem to be targeting. 

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1 hour ago, Lith said:


Now 2 nfc west teams have their quarterbacks and running backs hurt. Garoppolo is not on IR but if he was then both teams' QB1 and RB1 would be on IR. Awesome for us in terms of Seahawks, but it's kind of interesting that now the 'loaded' NFC west has 2 crippled teams that will likely be top 15 picks.

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