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Official 2022 Free Agency Thread


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38 minutes ago, Be_a_Jet said:

Damn I really wanted Smith. For me this one’s a missed opportunity by JD - Smith is going to go back to his old form in Baltimore 

Smith is a 3/4 OLB, he doesn't fit the scheme at all. This isn't Madden where you can edit his position. 

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4 hours ago, varjet said:

Sauce drafted at 4 costs less per year for 4 years than DJ Reed costs for 3 years.   He is basically guaranteed to be there at 4.  So JD must think he needs someone else there at 4, or he does not like Sauce.

The hit rate on FA WRs is pretty low.  So saving 4 or 10 for a WR, at draft pick salary, seems like a prudent move.

Whitehead is a nice player but more of an in the box safety.  The Jets will keep 4 safeties.  Drafting a Dax Hill or Jaquan Brisker in the second round could be the call.  That gives the Jets Joyner (until injury), Whitehead, draft pick and the best of Ashtyn and Co.  Signing Whitehead should not rule out drafting a S high.  

For what it's worth I've heard Sauce/Hamilton ate in play for the Lions at #2. Aaron Glenn wants to duplicate the Saints defense with Marcus Williams and Marshon Lattimore. I know they took Okudah high but Sauce is from Detroit.

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