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Braveheart Mafia - Game Thread

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fwiw Pac I didn't want you to get blind hammered and I stated as much. If you happen to be the guy who does get run up and not want to reveal at least do something. Now knowing you were in mower training it sucks you got blind lynched certainly that was not my intension and you know that. getting you worked up for more info certainly was intended

What a load of garbage. You could've unvoted when CTM put him at L1.

You, wombat and Arsis need to die.

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Does anyone want my spot? This game blows.

Nolder shouldn't have used that word, but I've seen plenty of that kind of thing on this site.  Lizzie shouldn't have bitched out on the game.  Let's all just get drunk, have buttsecks and forget abou

I would like to thank Nolder and 80 for modding.  Can care less what anyone else thinks.  It's a lot of damn work.  Reason why fat lazy people like me choose not to.  I apologize for dropping out but

never had a chance to try harder..  I said in the sign up I was in a training all this week...


I'm sure there's at least 1 scum on me but the rest are lazy town.. the sad part is this wasn't even the typical lets lynch for fun.. people have become way too reliant on reveals and are seemingly crippled without them.  No imagination, creativity, or reason to pay attention any more.  It's just lynch whichever reveal you don't like or trim the field and try and corner scum..  it's boring and easy.


That's why I loved how JC, Hess, and I dominated a couple games ago.  Manipulated you all based on your reliance on reveals and knew the town would ignore the evidence. 



^ sore loser still gloating over a lucky safe claim



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Just so you guys know.  Brady is still a lying cheat and teh Dogging is lawyering the sh*t out of it.  Glorious.

That counter to the argument that it benefits the league to find Brady guilty was beautiful

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MOD NOTE: Waiting on at least one more action. If you have a NA please turn it in ASAP. I'll set a deadline for final NA's soon if not received.

It's been 20 hours brother im pretty sure you could set a deadline pretty comfortably right now
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MOD NOTE:  Waiting on at least one more action.  If you have a NA please turn it in ASAP.  I'll set a deadline for final NA's soon if not received.

In the mean time Tom Brady is still a lying prick and does not have the balls to man up.  Prolly cause he has a pussy were his pee pee should be.  

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Stephen: Fine speech. Now what do we do?

William Wallace: Just be yourselves.
Hamish: Where are you going?
William Wallace: I'm going to pick a fight.
Hamish: Well, we didn't get dressed up for nothing.



Hamish Campbell knew William Wallace long before he became the leader of the Scottish rebellion.  He was Wallace's best friend and a fiercely loyal lieutenant in the fight against the English.


He also smelled bad.  Like, really, really bad.  I mean he doesn't shower, like at all.  His awful diet, lack of hygiene, and affinity to some group called "Phish" contributed to an awful stench.  Wallace mostly dealt with it, but today it was particularly bad.  So Wallace sent Hamish on a mission.


William:  "Aye, go and discover the enemy's movements, before ye make my lungs choke."

Hamish:  "Aye, I will!  I'll slaughter them all where they stand!"

William:  "God your breath stinks.  Don't you ever f*cking floss or anything?  Get the hell out of here."


But alas, it was Hamish's scent that would be the end of him.  The enemy quickly picked up his grotesque bodily odors and set up an ambush.  Before he even knew what had happened, Hamish was stabbed through the heart and killed.  He then sh*t himself and his body was burned by the English.  The Scots knew what had happened from this new combination of B.O. and flames.  Wallace wept, partly for the loss of his best friend but also because of the torturous smells emitting from the English camp.







CTM (Hamish Campbell, Town Tracker) has been killed by the English. 

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Updated player list:


1.  AVM - William Wallace - Mod Confirmed Innocent

2.  Arsis

3.  Pac  --  Robert the Bruce, Town 1X Vig, Lynched D1

4.  Smash

5.  Wombat

6.  Leelou

7.  JiF

8.  CTM  -- Hamish Campbell, Town Tracker, Killed N1

9.  Lily

10.  Vic

11.  Lizzie

12.  JC

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