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New CBA Approved

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11 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Did the players association endorse this before the vote?

I think by sending the vote to the players, the leadership of the players association were basically endorsing (best they could do?) If it failed, based on the timing, there would have been new PA leadership elected and the process would have started over...


Vote was much closer than I expected - might still see some fallout here, don't think this goes away


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21 minutes ago, KRL said:

Absurd that at least one extra bye wasn't included for "player safety".
They need to stop with that term going forward because they don't mean it

Many professions like police,firemen,military etc are dangerous but they don't get paid like football players do. Bottom line no one forces anyone to play the game..

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45 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

I actually think it's a good deal for players since it helps the bottom 2/3 and it increases retired player benefits.  Also the players share will raise from 47% to 48.5% of revenues.

The other thing is the owners have lost billions in the past two weeks. Not sure they would have been in a good mood with a counter negotiation.

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Just now, Maxman said:

Agreed. I wanted 16 so the Jets could make it lol.

Just posted that, lol. When you have a guy as streaky as our man Sammy, just get in the playoffs & hold your hands over your eyes peaking through your fingers. Anything can happen! 

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