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Ozark Mafia Game Thread - Town Wins!

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5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

COULD still be scum?  I thought it was obvious that he's very likely scum.  I can't remember ever seeing a 1x unlynchable player who was town-aligned.

And yes, I'm assuming its a 1x power.

Very likely, based on 2 posts? I don’t follow.

5 hours ago, GATA said:

Town is massive this game with a 19 town no way they made 5 scum 20/4 =5 but not 19

I think having a 1x unlynchable makes sense for it to be a scum player 

hence why I said speed lynch SMC 

also he lied about being Marty and rule of thumb lynch all liars

Theorizing is good for scum. Dealing with the knowns is good for town.

4 hours ago, GATA said:

No sugar read the "DEATH SCENE" he escaped Marty

that's what Marty told Camino anyhow. Things were off to a slow start for the family, there were some ...

road blocks in the way and everyone was frustrated. 

"SMC! Are you the cause of all this trouble?" grumbled someone.

One thing we know about the cartel - you never screw them over. 

Rumblings were coming from every direction. "Enough!" said someone else, "finish him!"

While the crowd was becoming more and more irritated and the grumbles escalated to yelling SMC slipped away and raced off into the woods.

Didn’t Barry say names were for flavor?

4 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

Its okay I just Shot Marty I'm the town Vig good way to vet myself me thinks. Only had the one stinking shot though 

Shooting at a player doesn’t vet alignment. 

3 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

I loved Buddy almost as much as teh Crushlove

Same. Great character, but I’m still not sure which characters map to which alignments. I could see this being a multi faction debacle, or town being all Bird adversaries and scum being the Birds, or cartel, birds, Ruth and her family, buddy all being town and the smells and feds being scum team or teams. This is precisely why theorizing is not good at this point.

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