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Ian Rapoport Suspended


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38 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

You bastard.......i did not read yours before i posted mine.

You win this round section314  (shakes fist)

?I declare us co-wiseguys.What are you guys hearing about Taylor Hall? Columbus pretty strong out by us. Lot of talk here about Devs going for Tyler Tafoli.

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4 hours ago, IndianaJet said:

I hear these commericans all the time on VSIN with Brent Musburger voicing them. 

Does anyone know if this product works well - nothing worse then knicking your balls.


I just use my beard trimmer with the #1 guard on it.  No need for multiple trimmers around.

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I'm not saying you need a pube trimmer, but when you get an erection it looks like Pinocchio joined the Taliban.


What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball? She gagged.


 Bill went to see his doctor and nervously asked if he had ever laughed at a patient.

The doctor reassured him, "In over 20 years I haven't laughed at a single patient because I always remain thoroughly professional."

With that Bill dropped his trousers revealing the tiniest penis the doctor had ever seen. It wasn't any bigger than a AAA battery.

The doctor just couldn't help himself and burst into uncontrollable laughter before composing himself and saying, "I'm sorry I really am, I don't know what came over me. I promise it won't happen again. Now what seems to be the problem?"

Bill said, "It's swollen."


Several years ago, Great Britain funded a study to determine why the head on a man's penis is larger than the shaft.

The study took two years and cost over $1.2 million. The study concluded that the reason the head of a man's penis is larger than the shaft was to provide the man with more pleasure during sex.

After the results were published, France decided to conduct their own study on the same subject. They were convinced that the results of the British study was incorrect. After three years of research at a cost of in excess of $2 million, the French researchers concluded that the head of a man's penis is larger than the shaft to provide the woman with more pleasure during sex.

When the results of the French study were released, Canada decided to conduct their own study. The Canucks didn't really trust British or French studies. So, after nearly three weeks of intensive research and a cost of right around $75.00, the Canadian study was complete.

They concluded that the reason the head on a man's penis is larger than the shaft is to prevent your hand from flying off and hitting you in the forehead.


A dick has a sad life.

His hair's a mess, his family is nuts, his neighbor's an a$$hole, his best friend's a pussy, and his owner beats him.


What’s long and hard and full of semen?

A submarine.


A cowboy walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman.

He gives her a quick glance then casually looks at his watch for a moment.

The woman notices this and asks, "Is your date running late?"

"No", he replies, “I just got this state-of the-art watch, and I was just testing it.."

The intrigued woman says, "A state-of-the-art watch? What's so special about it?"

The cowboy explains, "It uses alpha waves to talk to me telepathically."

The lady says, "What's it telling you now?"

Well, it says you're not wearing any panties."

The woman giggles and replies "Well it must be broken because I am wearing panties!"

The cowboy smiles, taps his watch and says, "Damn thing's an hour fast."

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4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

It wasn't pancake day at the home like he was told.  He gets grumpy when they serve oatmeal instead.

Home I own my own home how about you parents basement dweller. 

2 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

So, you're saying vaginas are gross?

You, @JiF, and @joewilly12 should get together. I bet you three would have much to talk about.

Spoot-Face lol don't get any in his hair. 

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