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The ***Official*** You know you’re going to make fun of Fields MNF thread

Green Ghost

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2 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

I'm not sold yet on Mike White being the franchise savior, unless your idea of a savior is mere "competence". Not to mention that weird "injury" of his. That kinda took the wind out of the sails for me on White. Wilson becoming the guy is way more important to the franchise.

I don’t get this idea that it’s way more important to the franchise that Wilson becomes the guy?

If White turns out to be nearly as good as he’s looked recently, what difference does it make? We’ve got a really good QB, and that’s the goal right?

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

Jakeem grant wearing $100,000 worth of diamonds on his necklaces .....on the field.

Baez lost $15-20k of diamonds at home plate in a celebration after he scored the winning run at Citi Field this season.

Coincidentially, the grounds crew had one hell of a party at Sparks Steakhouse later that week.

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22 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

My idea of a "savior" is a guy who looks like he belongs in the league, and I'd say what White has brought to the table in his last 5 quarters of play is more than mere competence.  The last time the Jets had a passer throw for 400+ yards, 21 years ago, it took 69 throwing attempts and we lost the game.  

First, I want to see him demonstrate he has a big time arm that can win you a game, and as yet, he hasn't. He came close against Indy, but then, you know, he mushed out. No doubt he has the cerebral sh*t down, and is lightyears ahead of Wilson at this point in that department, but I want to see him make some of those throws that we saw Wilson do against the Titans before I fully get down on the White train. I mean, Josh Johnson very nearly threw 400 yards, and might've if he had played the entire game. Do you think he could also our savior?

A big game against Buffalo by White could go a long ways towards convincing me.

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