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Monday Night Football 10/03


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23 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Watching this game all I can think about is that there is an alternative universe where we sign Allen Robinson and Garrett Wilson ends up a Lion or Saint or whomever. 

I like this universe better.

I also imagine the alternate universe of Saleh actually was able to bring over Demeco Ryan instead of Ulbrich. 

Sigh. Seems nice. 

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1 minute ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

Why not? 

Some lunatic barges into a restaurant/grocery store you're at ranting and raving, etc... You don't know what/who this guy is and you restrain him until the fuzz shows up. You should be charged with a crime? Actually it's more like my industry when a bartender (similar to Wagner) physically removes a problem patron. There no charges for the bartender, none. 

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