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Chuck Clark Injury

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Jets S Chuck Clark Suffers Knee Injury

June 13th, 2023 at 7:14pm CST • By Sam Robinson

The Jets’ Adrian Amos acquisition makes a bit more sense now. Chuck Clark is believed to have suffered a knee injury, one Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic reports is believed to be serious (Twitter link).

Clark plans to seek a second opinion, but SNY’s Connor Hughes adds (via Twitter) this is a concerning situation. The team was not in on Amos until recently, with the Ravens leading the way for a while. Although Amos made a second Ravens visit Monday, the Jets came in with a stronger offer. That proposal may soon lead to a starting opportunity.

The opportunity to start in New York sold Amos over a deal with his hometown team, per Rosenblatt. Amos has worked as a starter throughout his eight-year career. He profiles as a quality replacement option, especially in June, but Clark was expected to play a big role for the Jets. It is unclear yet if Clark’s injury is serious enough to sideline him for the entire season. A replacement option being sought certainly points to Jets worries here.

After the Ravens made two big investments at safety in the spring of 2022 — signing Marcus Williamsdrafting Kyle Hamilton in Round 1 — Clark emerged in trade rumors. While the Ravens held onto the veteran defender for another season, they pulled the trigger on a deal in March. Baltimore traded Clark to New York for just a 2024 seventh-round pick.

More to come.

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47 minutes ago, Jet2020 said:

If football gods existed, Mahomes would’ve been a Jet. There are no football gods. 

You are suggesting the football gods have the Jets' best interest if they existed?

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4 hours ago, JETS SB said:

Actually I am kind of impressed that the injury didnt leak before the signing. They got Amos in signing that contract as quick as I have ever seen a team announce a signing, after word hits the media. 

One thing about this Jets management, which is good. The leaks are few and far between. We don't find out about sh*t, until it actually happens or after it happens. The way it should be. 

So you don’t think any of the JETPACK 3 happened to give their old teammate, Amos, a little inside information? Jets weren’t originally offering anywhere near $4mil in their initial discussions.

The Mosley contract push will be a little more “line in the sand” type negotiation for the Jets now.  I say Mosley new contract is $8 mil less than he currently makes; and that’s still $8 million more than he’s worth 

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Besides AR getting injured… S is portably the worst papa took we could get an injury bc it’s hands down our weakest unit. Luckily we hurried up and signed Amos. But Amos and Whitehead is still a below average group with no depth. By far the position group that can hinder us this season if we don’t game plan better on defense to hide our Ss coverage weaknesses.

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