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Abort Mission: The Best of PatriotReign37


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Sorry, crow and eggs isn't good enough for me. Search feature FTW.

Pats are winning the Super Bowl.

Suck on it.

Brady is due for a big game.

Theres too much at stake for him to lose. A win gives him more post season wins than Montana, 4 rings like Bradshaw and Montana, sets the table for an NFL record 5 rings and ends the Brady has lost his mojo talk.

Hell be wearing his 4th ring the next time Rex sees him.

Pucker up Fatboy.

Goodell owes Krafty for ending the lock out. The Pats have had all the calls go their way the entire season. BB had to deliberately lose 3 games so folks wouldnt get suspicious. So far it looks good.

This ones already in the books folks. Pats win. Get the champagne ready.

Brady got right in Rays Rays face on a 1st down run. Then he sold out on the 4th and goal TD. Lewis speared him in the back.

Hes going to b slap the Giants on Sunday.

Pats are going to win.

Pats will beat the Gmen.

Outdoing even himself:

The Giants are walking around like theyve already won the game.

The Giants think they have this game already won.

And, of course, the granddaddy of 'em all:

Im positive the Pats will win it all. Brady is on a mission.

Now go get your ******* shinebox.

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Gronkowski was only .002% for the game.

I know FOR A FACT, from an inside source close to Jesus himself that if Gronk was playing at 4845% like always, the Patriots would have crushed the Giants by at least 400 points and Tom Coughlin's head would have exploded.

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