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Tebow to Join Sanchez at "Jets West" Camp


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NY Jets' Tim Tebow will join Mark Sanchez and others from Gang Green in Southern California for 'Jets West' passing camp

Popular QB will attend after invitation to SoCal from Sanchez

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Published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 1:20 AM

Updated: Monday, June 4, 2012, 3:00 AM


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Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

Tim Tebow (l.) and Mark Sanchez will be working together again at 'Jets West' passing camp.


Tim Tebow told the Daily News that he will be attending Mark Sanchez’s “Jets West” passing camp in Southern California in a few weeks.

Sanchez, hoping to establish himself as the unquestioned leader of the offense, extended the invitation to his backup. Sanchez and Tebow, who have had their every move dissected to extreme levels ever since the backup QB arrived via a trade with Denver in March, will headline a group of skill position players that will participate in this annual rite of summer.

Two months after Santonio Holmes didn’t invite Tebow to Orlando for a few days of informal workouts with Sanchez, Dustin Keller and Patrick Turner, the Jets’ starting quarterback made sure to include the lefthanded signal caller.

“It’s just so important to spend time together as much as possible,” said third-string quarterback Greg McElroy, who will be attending the week-long camp for the second consecutive summer. “It’s a good opportunity for us to get out of our element and do something social as a group with the benefit of working and great weather. It’s really a good time for us. It’s a lot of football and a lot of fun.”

Sanchez and his family have organized the passing camp for the past two offseasons.

Eight players showed up in 2010 before it grew to nearly twice that number last summer. Sanchez initially invited his teammates for workouts at Mission Viejo High School, his alma mater, to bolster chemistry and rapport after he missed the bulk of team activities due to offseason knee surgery two years ago.

Last year, the NFL lockout prompted Sanchez to take it a step further by organizing morning weightlifting sessions, film work that included study periods from homemade playbooks and an afternoon practice. Sanchez has picked up most of the tab for his teammates in the past, including renting lavish villas.

While at least one day of the five-day camp has been open to the media in the past, Sanchez told The News this time the workouts, which will take place in late June or early July, will be private. The Jets have one more workout this week followed by a three-day minicamp from June 12-14. The team travels to Cortland for the start of training camp on July 26.

In addition to Tebow and McElroy, nine players told The News they plan on attending Jets West: running backs Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight and John Conner; wide receivers Jeremy Kerley, Patrick Turner and Scotty McKnight; and tight ends Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland and Josh Baker.

Second-round WR Stephen Hill and second-year RB Bilal Powell haven’t committed yet to due possible scheduling conflicts.

Rookie running back Terrance Ganaway said he will be spending the time with his wife instead.

It’s unknown if Holmes, who has been in Germany on a goodwill trip to support U.S. troops the past couple of weeks, will attend.

Holmes went to Jets West in 2010 before skipping it last season as an unsigned free agent.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-jets-tim-tebow-join-mark-sanchez-gang-green-southern-california-jets-west-passing-camp-article-1.1089409#ixzz1wovqcobR

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Mark Sanchez proves that this is his team hy doing this. Great move.

Agreed. He's not scared of this guy IMO. This move proves he's in the drivers seat. It's his team to lose and I honestly feel he rises to the challenge.

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After being a big Sanchez supporter his first two years, I really got down on him last year as I expected it to be his breakout year. And it certainly was not. But I have always said I would love to see him with a different OC. I like what I have heard about Sparano so far (and anything, literally, anything would be an improvement over Schotty). I am back on the Sanchez bandwagon. It will also help him that Hill is going to be the rookie of the year (OMG - did DMaynard just say that?). You heard it here first.

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Post image for “Jets West” Is Back As Sanchez Will Host Private Workouts

The “Jets West” camp is back.  Manish Mehta of The New York Daily News is reporting that quarterback Mark Sanchez, as he’s done in the past, invited members of the offense to voluntary practice in Southern California between mini-camp (June 12-14) and training camp (late July). 

Santonio Holmes, Sanchez and other Jets players attended “Jets South” an informal workout held near the receiver’s Florida home during the offseason, but no invitation was extended to newly acquired quarterback Tim Tebow.  The move was not seen as a slight towards Tebow more of an opportunity to repair a damaged relationship between Holmes and Sanchez. 

Sanchez made sure to invite his fellow quarterbacks Tebow and Greg McElroy to the “Jets West” camp and both have committed along with the following players:

In addition to Tebow and McElroy, nine players told The News they plan on attending Jets West: running backs Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight and John Conner; wide receivers Jeremy Kerley, Patrick Turner and Scotty McKnight; and tight ends Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland and Josh Baker.

Several other players, while not committing, have not ruled out possible attending. 

This will be the third installment of “Jets West” as private workouts will be held at Mission Viejo High School, which Sanchez attended. 

For more on “Jets West” check out the

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What will Timmy do when Mark takes the rest of them out to cruise the local high schools? Hope he brings a (the?) good book.

Okay guys good practice today. Brandy is working tonight so bring plenty of money for lap dances, she's a keeper.

Tim if you could just stay here and get the field ready for practice tomorrow, that would be great.

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No Holmes or Hill? I love that Sanchez does this and that he gets a decent turnout.

One of the other articles on the topic said that people don't know about Holmes since he hasn't been around and apparently Hill is up in the air still because of scheduling conflicts, so one or both could still certainly end up going.

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Has this Jet West thing helped MS improve as a QB or is it just some bullsh!t PR ploy?

it's an interesting question. Accuracy-wise yes Sanchez has improved over 3 years. His completion percentage went from awful to bad to below average. I like the move of inviting Tebow (and him accepting) it certainly doesn't seem like these two hate each other.

My only reservation about Jets West is that they make it a little less resort vacation. last year Eli Manning had workouts at a high school with a field over the Holland Tunnel.

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