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Chan Gailey to the Dolphins

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The 2020 Dolphins could be a mirror image of the 2016 Jets:

2016 strategy:  Draft a rookie QB in 1st 2 rounds.  Play Fitzpatrick under Gailey's offense while Gailey develops rookie QB prospect Hackenberg in year 1.  Keep Bryce Petty around in case of injuries.  

2020 Dollpins :  Swap in Rosen for Petty.  Swap in ________  (Dolphins QB draft pick) for Christian Hackenberg.  Pray that draft pick is not a train wreck and that Gailey doesn't give up hope for prospect in pre season as per what happened here in 2016.

Now there's a plan destined for success!  

j/k...  all depends on the draft pick actually.  But you just have to laugh out loud at any team that copies a NY Jets failed strategy.

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31 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

It's going to be joyous next year when Fitz and Gailey  out perfomr an Adam Gase lead offense.

All of a sudden there will be murmurs...."Perhaps Adam Gase is not the offensive genius we thought?"


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21 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

murmurs from the people who are currently saying you have to give the guy three years or the die hard gase supporters.

I meant... not murmurs... we are already way past murmurs.  The decibel level is a lot louder than that.

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