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Jets Tight End Should get First Crack at Fullback Duties in Upcoming Season


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When the Jets drafted tight end Trevon Wesco in the fourth round (121st overall) out of West Virginia just a few seasons ago, the pick was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics.  Tight end wasn’t a critical need and Wesco didn’t resemble many of the young up-and-coming athletic pass catchers at the position.

However, Wesco’s reputation as a hard-nosed “face in the fan” mauler in the run game whose receiving skills were good enough to keep a defense honest was reason for a bit of optimism.  Yet through two seasons as a pro, Wesco has spent the vast majority of his time glued to the bench with a handful of games that saw him get double-digit reps as a blocker at both tight end and fullback.  The results, while inconclusive, have been good enough for Wesco to earn a chance to win a job with the Jets in 2021.

Another player who saw too few reps to excel in a particular role, TE/FB Trevon Wesco did enough as a blocking fullback to be the guy who should get a shot to fill that role in the Jets new offense. pic.twitter.com/3kXahEaIKW

— Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) May 25, 2021

When Mike LaFleur was brought in to run Gang Green’s offense, it was believed that the team would pursue free agent Kyle Juszczyk who thrived at fullback with LaFleur as a member of the 49ers under Kyle Shannahan.  When Juszczyk opted to stay in San Franciso, rumors surfaced claiming the Jets would target fullback Ben Mason, which turned out not to be the case.

That leaves the Jets without a true fullback on the roster, but in Wesco they have a blocker who, when able to get in to a rhythm, has done some very impressive work as a lead blocker.  In looking back to the 2019 season, on the rare occasions in which the Jets running game showed some degree of competence, it was Wesco as a lead blocker that help spring some of the few quality runs they had.

Le'Veon Bell's best rushing performance of the year came against the Baltimore Ravens on a day when Trevon Wesco may have had has best game as a pro. Several key blocks on the move from Wesco in this one. pic.twitter.com/CcVHncHRFO

— Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) May 17, 2020

The Jets have added free agent running backs Tevin Coleman and Austin Walter along with rookie draft pick Michael Carter to a group that already consisted of Ty Johnson, Josh Adams and LaMical Perine.  Fullback, along with what is expected to be a much improved offensive line, is one of the bigger question marks on offense that Wesco might be the answer to.



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14 minutes ago, derp said:

If Wesco doesn't work out, I kind of doubt the Ravens carry two fullbacks (Patrick Ricard, Ben Mason). Might be an opportunity there.

This. Grab Mason before they throw him on the PS. 

Wesco is another guy we have absolutely no idea about. In an offense with a shred of creativity, he could probably be a useful piece, but he was stuck in Gase's offense for his entire career. But if he can serve as a FB/lead blocker, extra blocker in certain formations and just give you anything from the TE position (all while still being on a cheap rookie deal), that's insane value for roster construction. 

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7 hours ago, genot said:

It was a surprise they didn't draft Mason. They must have faith that Wesco can carry out that role. San Fran sure did what they needed to do to keep KJ. It shows his value to that offense.

I was surprised they didn’t grab Ben Mason also, especially with so many Day 3 picks.

This will be the first season in the new offense. There have been a ton of additions to this offense in the past year. The Jets can’t get the exact guy they want at every position immediately so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them roll with Wesco for this year. It will be a big year for evaluations as we find out who is a fit for this new scheme.

Seems like next off-season the Jets will be in the market for TE, OL, FB. I think they’ve done a decent job upgrading the skill positions this off-season with Corey Davis, Moore, Carter, Cole, Coleman, etc. Lots of turnover there plus Mims only going into year 2.

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13 hours ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:


21 personnel is heavily featured in the 49ers offense and I assume will be in ours as well so it does matter. They are way above league average in having fullbacks take snaps, hence them making their guy the highest paid at the position. 

I think they’ll be eager to establish a rushing attack so that they can run all of their play action off of it, and I think the 267lb Wesco could prove to be like an extra guard in run blocking. There’s really no one else on the roster right now who fits that description. 
But as much as I’d like to see Wesco find his niche on the team, I find it hard to believe that 11 personnel wouldn’t be the base offense here. Joe Douglas has really upgraded the team’s WR corps in the last two years. I’m not sure how much sense it makes to take Crowder, Moore, or Mims off the field regularly so that you can get Wesco (or whatever FB they pick up on the scrap heap) on the field. I guess they could run 20 personnel, with one of the big receivers in the slot and Moore at Z... ? 
It’ll be interesting to see the evolution of the offense and how it fits the roster here. 

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I can imagine the play below being way more effective with AVT at LG alongside Becton.  And Michael Carter as the RB.  Together both Becton-AVT can plow their way to the 2nd level.  Wesco lead blocking.  The quick cutting Carter finding the hole to explode through and making a big gain out of the play.  

After establishing some success with plays like this.  Then ZW play action and  with a quick compact release hitting the receiver in stride downfield  for a big chunk gain.  Maybe a score.  

IMO...this offense is going to be a breath of fresh air to see.  Jets on offense...should be fun for change.


Download video
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