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Do you believe the Jets will send one of their second rounders to GB for Rodgers?


Does GB get a 2 from the Jets for Rodgers?  

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  1. 1. Does GB get a 2 from the Jets for Rodgers?

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    • No

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19 minutes ago, Alka said:

This is exactly how I'm thinking as well.  I think that if the deal doesn't get done, and Aaron Rodgers threatens to retire, then the Jets giving up a 4th round pick to Green Bay does nothing for Green Bay.  If I were them, I would be happy to let Rodgers retire, not get the 4th rounder, and prevent the Jets from getting Rodgers for 1 or 2 years.  

The only way that Green Bay is pressured, is that Rodgers must show up for work in Green Bay, forcing Green Bay's hand.  If the Jets are giving up a 2nd round pick to them, then that is added pressure, since giving up a 2nd round pick is significant, when combined with Rodgers showing up for work.  

In my thinking, the Packers would also get a 2024 4th round pick, that would transition to a higher pick, depending on if the Jets make the playoffs, and how far they go.  That is the deal that I would make.

Rodgers is not looking to do Murphy and the packers any favors. If anything he would look for some payback the way they disrespected him this off season. He is definitely not 1 to be bullied, or care what people think about him. He only has to say “ I’m playing 100% either for packers or jets. “ how on earth could packers justify keeping rodgers on the bench unless love is playing top 10 in NFL. I don’t think rodgers or anyone just would throw 100 million away either.

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I voted yes because, well, it's the Jets and they always do stupid things. As I and many others have repeatedly stated, GB has NO leverage; they have made it clear they are moving on from Rodgers, and they HAVE NO OTHER SUITOR FOR HIM. JD is smart enough to hold out, knowing GB will eventually fold, but the wildcard is Woody Woodpecker. He is so dumb, and apparently so fixated on getting Rodgers, that he may force JD to do something stupid.

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I would trade the Jets second round draft pick and some conditionals next year if it would ensure OBJ would not be on the Jets roster.

Bringing that clown show to the Jets would signal that the train has gone off the rails.

Not kidding or overstating that, either.

It would be a harbinger of another very bad year. 

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One year rental?  How do you know for sure that AR is just playing for one year?  Maybe he plays for two or three years...no one knows for sure.  I like to be in the positive outcomes on most things and I'm thinking he'll play more than one year and ditch that one year rental BS.

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i certainly hope they don't have to give up a second rounder. i would rather see them swap the first round picks and maybe some others down the line.  i would also like to see this being the only draft with picks given up.  but we don't know what's going on behind the scenes.  who knows, maybe woody will write green bay a check outright.  i don't know if an owner can pay for a player out of his own pocket.  things like this have been done in the past.

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I think this team has too many holes to be a super bowl contender this year.  Even if they get Rodgers, who is playing DT next to Quinen?  Who is playing the LB spot that Kwon had?  Who is playing free safety?  Who is playing center?  If we have an OC who loves 4 wide sets, who is the #3 receiver?  

This does not include the desperate need for a better punter or the fact that we have three OT and all three are coming off injuries.

We have 3 picks in the top 45 and very little cap flexibility left after we get Rodgers.  Does that sound like a super Bowl contender?  There is no guarantee Rodgers would even play in 2024.  It is a huge risk unless 2023 is our shot.  Green Bay wants the 13th pick included in a package.  Unless they take no more a #2, I wouldn't do it. 

Stafford is free.  He will get you to the playoffs.  You can use the extra cap and the additional draft choices to fill those other needs.  That is a team built to go big in 2024.  With a complete team and a stable o-line, that is the time to get the franchise QB.  

I don't like going all in for two years and back to the bottom because of dead cap.  This team is not ready for that kind of gamble.  Build a winner that has some staying power.

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One year rental?  How do you know for sure that AR is just playing for one year?  Maybe he plays for two or three years...no one knows for sure.  I like to be in the positive outcomes on most things and I'm thinking he'll play more than one year and ditch that one year rental BS.
For negotiation purposes it's a 1 year rental.

Once we have him then of course I think he plays 2-3 years.

The compensation I think will be a 4th this year, a conditional 3 next year based on performance and availability. No reason to give them a 2 and JD won't pay a 2 to rent a player AND give him 60 milly.

Does that sound like JD to any of you?

Sent from the NY Jets /Zack Wilson Suicide Watch desk.

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7 hours ago, extmenace said:

If the rumors are true and the packers are still clinging to the hope that they can land a first rounder, when the packers finally come to the realization that it isn't going to happen, i doubt they'll settle going down to a 4th rounder in this years draft (considering we no longer have a 3rd). With the moore trade in the books, my opinion is the trade looks something like this.

2nd rounder this year, conditional 4th that can go up to a 2 or 3 next year (structured around playing time and how far the jets go in the playoffs) and potentially a player. Maybe the jets also swap 23' first round picks as well. This is still an over pay in my opinion but normally, to make a fair deal, it needs to sting on both sides. If this is close to what it takes, we just have to hope that some of the rumors were hearing about rodgers willing to play at a discount are true because any cap relief he can provide will help mitigate the loss of the draft picks. 

I could see a deal like that happening and then on draft day, a trade down or two happening to recoup the traded picks over the next two drafts.

This may actually be unsettled up until day 2 of the Draft! I could possibly see JD wait to see if he can trade down from #13 to include a 2nd or 3rd this year AND a 2024 1st rd. pick. He could offer GB a lower 2nd than #42 or #43.

I'm greedy.... #13, #42, #43 stay with the Jets. 

Finding Nemo Seagulls GIF 

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10 minutes ago, Bronx said:

I never said GB, I am just suggesting a trade down of equal value with a qualifying team.

Gotcha. Assumed you were talking GB since this thread was about trading our 2nd to GB for AR.

Takes 2 to tango (trade). If a team is looking to move up to 13 for someone, why not unless someone we have rated very highly falls to us.

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6 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

The compensation is done.  It was done 15 years ago.  Jets traded a 3rd for Farve.  This is the same exact trade.

The Jets would be morons to trade a 2nd.

Joe D will wait till after the draft and ship them next years 3rd.

Didn't we just trade away our 3rd rounder?

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1 minute ago, Barry McCockinner said:

the Favre trade happened after the draft fwiw.

but if we wanted to trade a third this year swapping 43 for their 3rd (78) is equal to a 3rd on the value chart.

I'd rather just make it the exact same compensation.  We'll give them our 3rd rounder from 2008 again.

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