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The OFFICIAL Preseason Game 1 Gameday Thread


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Jets @ Lions


Are you ready for some football?  Cant believe the season is finally upon us!

Curious to see how we look.  A lot of young players that have a lot to prove this preseason in order to earn a spot on the roster or the starting rotation.  Other than the obvious QB competition between Sanchez and Geno, I am curious to see how the following respond to their first live test of the 2013 season:

1) Bilal Powell - With Goodson MIA and Ivory yet to participate in practice, Powell will get a chance to prove he is capable of shouldering the load at RB.  Against a very formidable front 7, and a ? at QB, it will be interesting to see how Powell performs. 

2) OL Play - A lot of competition for the G spots. Curious to see how Colon, Petermen, and Winters perform against a big powerful Dline. 

3) Offensive scheming: Obviously would expect a very vanilla gameplan on both sides, but intrigued to see the MM system at work for the first time. 

4) Demario Davis and Q Coples.   Havent heard a lot about either thus far in camp, and both are stepping into much larger (and in Coples case, different) roles this season.  Would love to get a read on what impact they will have on this retooled defense. 

5) Sheldon Richardson and Dee Millber - From all reports they seem to have their spots in the starting rotation already.  Obviously first NFL game either of these guys are playing - excited to see the future of the Jets D!



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firstrowsports.eu i believe is the site that a buddy of mine uses. 

I always used them also.  Went to the site recently and they said they weren't handling anymore NFL games because it was illegal and they didn't do any illegal stuff LOL .   


Signed up with the NFL preseason package for $19.95 all games.   Watched the Ravens Bucs game last night. 

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They ain't nothing compared to the future Simms / Spadola connection.


**** this I can't wait... need popcorn NOW!


I need to start a thread about this... one of those awesome "I said I'd start a thread about this in another thread" threads. Yeah.

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Any stream link that works good ?

Turned my girl into a jet fan... This would be her first actual jet game... Anyone ?

That was a mistake, but I stole this from another thread  firstrowsports.eu


Edit:  Joec36 posted it in another thread.  So if the Feds come after you direct them to him, not me

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If you are one of the lucky ones with Time Warner, go buy yourself a cheap HDTV antenna from radio shack, just picked mine up, channel is in HD and will return it once the TWC stuff is setttled.



wtf....i just found this out. how on earth do they get off dropping channel 2? i'm about the freak the **** out on these piece of sh*t asswipe bal licking ass****ingholes!!!!!


edit: ok apparently i don't have time warner. i thought comcast was tme warner. its still bullsh*t!!!!!! these mother****ers are douchebags

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