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Bears part ways with Matt Slauson


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A pair of veteran players are now former members of the Bears. On Sunday evening, the Bears officially released offensive lineman Matt Slauson and safety Antrel Rolle.

“We thank Matt and Antrel for the dedication and leadership they brought to our organization,” Bears G.M. Ryan Pace said in a press release.  “Both men did everything we asked of them.  Part of growing as a team is making difficult decisions like the ones we made today.  We never take them lightly given the respect we have for everyone who has put on a Bears uniform.  We wish each of them the very best as they move forward.”

Slauson, 30, started all 16 games last year, his third with the Bears. He previously played for the Jets.

Due to make $2.887 million in 2016, Slauson will count $835,000 against the cap. If the Bears made him a post-June 1 cut, that amount will be split over the next two years.

Both Slauson and Rolle become immediate free agents. Still, it would have been far better for both to become free agents long before the draft, and definitely not after it ended.

Pace can say what he wants about respecting Rolle and Slauson, but if the team truly respected them they would have been cut at a time when they would have had a much better opportunity to find work elsewhere. Now that teams with needs at those positions have filled them through the draft, it becomes much harder.

But Welcome to the Family anyway, all you draft picks who eventually could be treated the same way by the Bears or one of the other 31 franchises.


Just figured I'd start this before all the STBFSM people come out of the woodwork.

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Hopefully he's amenable to coming back to the garden state, he definitely was not happy when he was used as a 

scapegoat after the right side of the line fell apart. Woody's retirement  and Turnstyle had more to do with it.   Rex thinks 

offensive players are instantly replaceable and interchangeable, yea that worked out.

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46 minutes ago, BurnleyJet said:

He's OK do I want him back, No! What next re-sign Vlad? 

Check out how Bears fans are reacting to his release. They're pretty appalled. 


He's been consistently good since leaving and is one of the best pass blocking guards in the league - Pretty much all sites that measure performance agree. This shouldn't even be a question, we should resign him immediately. 

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Will be interesting to see if we bring back Slauson, with Rex Hogan in the organization

we certainly have good info on all CHI players.  I wouldn't mind if he's back on a vet

minimum deal but I'm really hoping Jarvis Harrison is ready to beat out Winters and take RG 

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PFF had Matt Slauson as its No. 18 guard out of 82 last year. Top-10 in pass protection (1 sack allowed/16 starts). Turned 30 in February.



dude is not coming back for vet minimum . Y'all can stop that now he is coming off another good year .

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