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Pats - KC Game

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They hit Brady hard toward the end of the half.  You can never count the Pats out (and we can't count the refs helping the Pats out in the 2nd half) but that was a very good 1st half for the Chiefs.

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I mean it's really no wonder the Pats are the most hated team in sports..  They've been the beneficiary of a million awful calls and the one time they're coming up on the short side you have 2 guys wh

Brady is done so until Stidham comes in, the pats arent very good. Stidham is the next big thing in this league so as jet fans, lets enjoy these next few weeks.  Next year w stidham, they will be

Me watching the national media write stories about how awful it is that the Pats got screwed by the refs: The 

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31 minutes ago, Nick Blitz said:

Booing at Foxboro, what entitled babies.

Boston radio is full of spoiled young fans complaining.  In fairness, my Pats friends that are above 40 or so are also commenting on the spoiled young fans.  older fans know it is coming to an end. Thank goodness. can’t wait til Brady simply can’t play. 

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18 minutes ago, Ken Schroy said:

A future HOF QB that no longer has the time and only 1 good WR and looks rather pedestrian.

If I were New England I’d seriously be thinking about drafting a QB to play next year, I mean look at Brady’s numbers not long ago...10-21 100 yards..../S

Would have loved to see Brady play many of his games with NY Jet personnel over the last 20 years.

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