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Buffalo Bills sign G Brian Winters

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1 hour ago, Lurker89 said:

Look what the cat dragged in.

Welcome back @hamat711 you dirty sewer dwelling SOB ?.

Your city is a trash compactor and your people are troglodytes. You're alright for a Bills fan though. 

Glad to be back, even thou I've been creeping on here daily.

Never been to Buffalo. I am from the Island.

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11 hours ago, hamat711 said:

Isn't that crazy?

The Bills have done more with a RB at quarterback than the Jets, who have a franchise QB.

Whats crazy is youre bragging that you have a RB at QB over the Jets having a FQB at QB. 


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11 hours ago, RobR said:

Looks like we have ourselves a new Raider90210 on our hands. Next time try and insert their height, weight, and especially 40 time and tell us how explosive they are.

I mean, there's a pretty critical difference -- the Bills are actually good and people in the mainstream agree with him.

When 90210 would brag about the Raiders they'd be coming off a 4-12 season.

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17 hours ago, Nixhead said:

That’s great news. Josh Allen 1 step closer to being the Piñata we know he’s gonna eventually be. 

His size will be a big help, like it has been for Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisburger, but even the bigger guys are going to get worn down by playing outside the pocket with regularity. Now that there is a fair amount of tape,  Lamar Jackson should learn to stay between the tackles unless he wants to end up on IR

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22 hours ago, hamat711 said:

I don't think that's me being a homer. I think any knowledgeable football fan can see that the Bills are kinda deep across the board. Someone said the same thing before me about the Bills building up solid depth.

I doubt many teams can field a serviceable O-line and D-line with only backups.

Rb - Zach Moss the third rounder and TJ Yeldon.

TE - Tyler Kroft but he is often injured

OT - Cody Ford was last years second rounder and Darryl Williams was an all-pro two years ago.

G - Spencer Long and Brian Winters. Former players who started for the Jets. They aren't bad as backups.

CB - Josh Norman is aging, but they also have Taron Johnson who is one of the better slot CBs.

DE - Mario Addison almost had 10 sacks last year and AJ Epenesa who was a first round talent for most of the draft process.

DT - Vernon Butler was the starting DT for the Panthers and Quinton Jefferson who was a decent starter for the Seahawks last year.


Those are only the backups and they still have some good depth at WR and Safety. 



Apparently its one ex-Jet for another, not depth.

Spencer Long was cut this afternoon.

Traded a one thumbed OL for a one shoulder/armed OL


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On 8/3/2020 at 5:50 PM, hamat711 said:

Nope. He is competing for the backup job with Cody Ford and Daryl Williams until Jon Feliciano gets back.

Jon Feliciano tore his pectoral it's like a 4-6 MONTH recovery 

Cody Ford is the presumptive starting RT 

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