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Movies We've Seen Thread

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Rented Call Me By Your Name with the wife this past weekend.  Must say I don't understand all the fawning praise for the film.   Just another of those "character studies" with no story to drive the movie and keep the viewer interested.  The two male leads were fine acting wise, but that was not enough for me.  And, you will never look at--or eat--a peach the same way again.




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Alien: Covenant isn't bad so much as super dark and depressing. Reeeeeeaaaaaally dark, just for what happens to Elizabeth Shaw alone. Any scene with Fassbender's Davis is intense, great villain character.

I tried watching The Amazing Spider Man this weekend but watching a 40 year old Garfield and 30 year old Emma Stone pretend to be HS students took me out of it.

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Tuesday's movie at the Alamo was "A Wrinkle in Time"

I love vacations and appreciate that the writer's guild apparently all went on one together when they made this movie. There was some nice CGI and a great Sci Fi premise to build off of. However, acting rated from fair to MST3000 level bad, lack of a good story and uninspired dialog makes this one hard to recommend unless you are a kiddie. They didn't even get the title right as it should be "A Wrinkle in Space". I'd add spoilers here except that there was nothing to spoil.

Still, the bottle of wine was good and they did a nice job on the Mexican Tofu Quinoa bowl but the Brussel Sprouts pizza was served cold. 

Highlight of the afternoon was the four previews. Incredibles 2, Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs and, believe it or not Mary Poppins 2. I'd see all of these including MP2, but just out of curiosity as to exactly why the @%#$ they would want to do this.

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