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Marrones interview with Jets did not go well per report.


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The Jets interviewed former Bills head coach Doug Marrone on Saturday for their head coaching vacancy

Marrone initially seemed to be one of the favorites for the job (or perhaps the favorite), considering he has head coaching experience -- something the Jets' other targets in this search mostly lack. 

And Marrone could still very well be at the top of owner Woody Johnson's list. 

But even after talking to Marrone, the Jets and Marrone have both continued with other interviews

The Jets will interview Frank Reich and Todd Bowles on Wednesday -- the Jets' first interviews since Marrone. As for Marrone, he reportedly interviewed with the Falcons on Monday, and also will talk to the Bears. 

Which means, what, exactly? 

This could be a case of both sides, the Jets and Marrone, wanting to be thorough in the process of finding a new coach/place to coach. 

Or it could be an indication of what CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported Monday evening: 

Well, OK then. 

Quinn, of course, is Seattle's defensive coordinator. He is a highly sought-after candidate, but teams might have to wait for him, if the Seahawks make another Super Bowl run. The Jets interviewed him last week in Seattle. They can't conduct another interview with him until Seattle is eliminated from the playoffs, according to NFL rules. And the Jets can't officially hire Quinn until the Seahawks are done, either. 

This could put both Quinn and the Jets (or any other team that might want to hire him) in a bit of a bind. 

But back to Marrone. Johnson is conducting this search with two consultants, Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf, and it remains unclear whether any of those three men agree with the sentiment expressed by the source or sources via La Canfora's tweet. 

His tweet came a day after he published a story with the headline: "All signs pointing to Doug Marrone as next Jets coach." 

Now, to be clear, La Canfora almost certainly didn't write that headline. Editors write headlines at most print and online media outlets. Nor did La Canfora explicitly state in his story that signs pointed to Marrone being the next Jets coach. 

But he did draw career-path parallels between Marrone and some of the Jets' general manager candidates, which is reasonable enough, since the Jets are conducting concurrent searches. 

Here's La Canfora:

The Jets general manager search just happens to be littered with candidates who have ties -- and in some cases very strong ones -- to Doug Marrone, who became a free agent last week when he exercised an out clause in Buffalo. The Jets are already deep into their GM search, and they met with Marrone on Saturday, with several league sources maintaining they are likely to be the first team to name a new coach this week.

Jets owner Woody Johnson is prepared to have the process wrapped up by the end of this week and quite possibly much sooner, with top general manager candidate Mike Maccagnan of the Texans interviewing on Monday. Maccagnan might have the closest ties of all to Marrone as the two men have become very close since their time together in the long defunct World League of American Football ... 

The team is already in compliance with the Rooney Rule for its general manager and head coaching openings and could conceivably enter into negotiations with a candidate at any point. Marrone knows the AFC East very well from his time in Buffalo and is from the Bronx. The Jets jumped at the opportunity to speak to him and the process very well could end up with him at the helm and a close associate leading the front office.


Anybody who has followed the Jets' coaching search would agree. The process definitely could end with Marrone as the head coach. It has been a distinct possibility since he became available. 

Moreover, nobody can blame the Jets for jumping at the chance to meet with Marrone, given his experience level, compared to the rest of the candidates out there. The Jets' eagerness to meet with him makes perfect sense. Yes, Marrone is not a sure-thing candidate, but nobody in this crop of coaching candidates is

But if Marrone indeed did not have a good interview with the Jets on Saturday, it also makes sense that the Jets are continuing on with their search. 

There's still a little way to go in this search. Bowles is a legitimate candidate, and the Jets haven't spoken to him yet. Reich also has interest from other teams. 

Once the Jets interview those coaches, they will have talked to six candidates about Rex Ryan's old job, with only Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak yet to interview, among the confirmed list of targets

Johnson and Co. are at least giving coaches besides Marrone a chance to impress them. Whether that means Marrone doesn't eventually get the job, it's still too early to say. 

But if the Jets pass on Marrone, at least one of his former assistants would probably do cartwheels.

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I'm not against the Jets hiring Marrone, but I'm glad they're being thorough in their search.

Agreed. I see no need to end the process for him or any other hiring prospect. I like how Woody, Casserly and Wolf are going about their business. I'm very hopeful that they are digging deep and asking the right questions. 

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The guy had a falling out with Marrone at Syracuse.  Not sure how big a deal this is.

Give the guy credit for putting his name to it. But he seems like a loose cannon that moves every few years. Sounds like Westoff without brains or table manners. 

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I want the best hire after an extensive search...and other than Marrone, I really would like to see some more people with previous HC experience to be interviewed, particularly Kubiak.  Wouldn't mind the NYJ kicking the tires on the likes of McDaniels, Shanahan and even, yes, Todd Haley.


Leave no stone unturned.  It ain't 'just' the coach, it's the TEAM you put together that is often better than the individual parts, and I am at least glad that Woody now professes to see the light.  A good GM with a crappy coach ain't any better than a good coach with a crappy GM.  Take your time here and get it right.

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I am not against Marrone, he's an old-school detail-oriented disciplinarian. I also believe he's the type of coach who would actually EVOLVE and improve over time and not repeat the same mistakes like our predecessors (Rex/Herm).

The caveat with Marrone is that we better have DAMN GOOD coordinators calling plays.

The thorough & measured process is encouraging and leads me to believe Woody doesn't want to repeat the same mistake.

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Doug Maroon would be an awful hire. Not surprised the interview went bad. I think they will be very impressed with Frank Reich. Thats the guy i want but would not be upset if they wanted to wait for quinn.

this is exactly where I stand as well ... would love to see Reich as the new Jets HC

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 In NY Jets interview, Doug Marrone ‘failed to close the deal’ source says, Woody Johnson continues coaching search interview


The Jets have continued their search for a head coach after interviewing Marrone. The team will interview Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich on Wednesday, according to a source, and have also scheduled an interview with Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Published: Monday, January 5, 2015, 8:59 PM 


Doug Marrone had himself a rough day on Monday, and the tide may be turning against him in the Jets’ coaching search. Not only was the former Bills coach ripped by one of his old assistants at Syracuse, but CBS reported Monday that Marrone’s interview with the Jets on Saturday did not go well. “Marrone failed to close the deal in his interview,” a league source told the Daily News regarding the report. “Considering he was a (supposed) front-runner, it appears Woody Johnson is doing his due diligence and considering more people.” The Jets have continued their search for a head coach after interviewing Marrone. The team will interview Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich on Wednesday, according to a source, and have also scheduled an interview with Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. They interviewed Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who could be the hottest coaching candidate on the market, last weekend. But the interview was only part of the bad news for Marrone. In the days since he opted out of his contract with the Bills, complaints have emerged about the former Buffalo coach, and now one of his old assistants at Syracuse has shredded him publicly. Bob Casullo was Marrone’s assistant head coach with the Orange in 2009 and part of 2010 and on Monday trashed his former boss on the radio. “Self-centered, selfish, greedy,” was how Casullo described Marrone on ESPN Syracuse. “You’re re-shuffling an egomaniac, less than .500 coach.” Casullo was the assistant head coach at the start of Marrone’s tenure, but that ended abruptly in November 2010 when Marrone announced that the school had “parted ways” with the assistant. At the time, the Orange still had one more regular season game remaining. Marrone and Casullo also worked together for one year with the Jets in 2004, when Marrone was the offensive line coach and Casullo was the tight ends coach. Prior to that they had overlapped while coaching at Georgia Tech and Casullo was actually an assistant when Marrone played at Syracuse. The former Bills coach was immediately linked to the Jets upon opting out of his contract with Buffalo on New Year’s Eve, and later that evening owner Woody Johnson confirmed the team’s interest in him to the News. “When he takes a job, he already has his plan in place for his next job,” Casullo said of Marrone. Though he also interviewed with the Falcons on Monday, according to a source, there is no real market for him. Casullo actually wasn’t the only person to take shots at the former Bills coach on Monday. Veteran running back Fred Jackson also expressed his displeasure at the way the Marrone walked out on the Bills last week. Marrone reportedly sent a mass text to his players telling them he was leaving only after news of his opt-out had broken. "Anytime you get a text message saying that it's happening, you feel like you got punched in the stomach," Jackson said on WGR Sports Radio 550 in Buffalo. "Stuff could have been handled different.” The public knocks against Marrone from Casullo and Jackson on Monday were just the latest signs that he aggravated those around him in his previous stops. One person described Marrone to the Daily News as a “control freak.” His desire for control went so far that he wanted to approve video clips before they were posted on the Bills website, the News reported. He struggled to deal with criticism and questions over his job security from the fans and the media, the News previously reported. Of course, the attention would only be ratcheted up further if he were to take the head coaching job with the Jets. “He is the definition of average,” said one Buffalo source earlier this week. He belittled others in the organization, sources said, and many players didn’t like him. “It’s about power and control,” the source said. “That is what drives Doug Marrone. That’s why he is a very dangerous person to have inside the building.”


This guy is starting to sound radioactive to me.

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Discussing rumors is all well and good, but believing they are gospel and trashing a guy like Marrone as viciously as some in the press have done seems over the top.  If he was so bad Buffalo wouldn't be in such an uproar that he left.  No one complained here when Kotite went back to Staten Island.

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Although I think he needs more seasoning, Reich played QB for many years and probably knows the game better offensively than some of the other possible candidates.

Marrone, for some reason, seems like the ideal candidate IMO to consistently put out tough, competitive, hard-nosed teams.

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For what it's worth, Cimini also indicated that Marrone's interview went well:




Latest on Jets' coaching search: Bowles, Reich on deck
January, 5, 2015
By Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com
The New York Jets' head-coaching search was on hiatus Monday, but it'll crank up again Wednesday, when they're scheduled to interview Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich. 

At that point, six of the seven known candidates will have interviewed. To review, they areSeattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable, former Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone and Jets running backs/assistant head coach Anthony Lynn. The seventh is Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, who wants to wait until the Ravens are done playing before he interviews. 

Of these candidates, Quinn and Bowles are in the most demand. Quinn already has met with five teams. Bowles, whose season didn't end until Saturday, has four interviews lined up this week. 

It's hard to predict the outcome with interviews still taking place, but we'll try to handicap it. This is based on the sense I get on how the Jets have them rated. Interestingly, they've all coached or played for the Jets: 

1. Quinn -- There will be competition. He already has met with the Bills, Atlanta Falcons,Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers. Quinn was the Jets' defensive-line coach in 2007-2008. 

2. Marrone -- He spent Monday interviewing with the Falcons. His interview with the Jets was said to be excellent. He was the Jets' offensive-line coach from 2002 to 2005. 

3. Bowles -- He will meet with the Jets, Falcons, 49ers and Bears. He was the Jets' secondary coach in 2000. 

4. Reich -- The former Bills quarterback, a popular figure in Buffalo, interviewed with his old team Sunday. He was a backup quarterback for the Jets in 1996.
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  I don't buy the "disgruntled former employee" bullsh*t at all.  Parcells and BB were considered "control freaks" there entire

careers and had lots of former but hurt former associates.  But the thing that scares me most is the lack of interviews for

the GM position.  Without full control a lot of executives won't take the call.

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