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Jets' all-time BEST picks in top 10 of NFL Draft ? ? ?


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On 1/16/2018 at 11:55 AM, Beerfish said:

The jets actually did it right in the 2006 draft.  D.Brick and Mangold.  Set the foundation for a really good line for 10 years.  If the QBs are not there this year I'd have no problem at all using our 1st and our 1st 2nd rounder on the oline.

All day every day....  If the pick isn't there and you think you can get some extra, drop back a few spots, still draft OL and get an extra 2nd rounder out of it.

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If I am ranking the Jets best top 10 picks, I am doing it based on contributions to the Jets.  We are drafting to make our teams better not the Steelers or the Redskins. 

James Farrior played 5 seasons as a Jet, was only a starter in 2 of them, and he was on Steeler teams that beat us in two tough playoff losses.   Leo already has more starts as a Jet than Farrior had, more than 2x the number of sacks and using Pro Football Reference' Approximate value stat, has higher value in 3 seasons than Farrior had in his 5 as a Jet.  Farrior is gone and Leo is on my list.

Riggins had 5 good seasons as a Jet, but he built his HOF resume in Washington.  Good back on some bad Jet teams, not great.  Probably belongs on the list, but not ahead of guys like Snell, Brick and Powell.  

And just thinking about some of these swings and misses.  Lam Jones, Gholston, Thomas, Brady, Dee, Robertson.  And who can forget Carl Barzilauskas.  Yikes!


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