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Happy birthday, Jetophile!


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12 hours ago, Maxman said:

Her birthday is actually tomorrow.

Nice try. I was born at 3:04 p.m. on the 17th. If your wife had a baby that was born at 3:04 a.m. on the 16th it doesn't say the 16th on the birth certificate. It's the 17th. Concede defeat once and for all. Wars have been waged over far less.

I suck at math, but I'll make it even easier for you. A baby is born after midnight on December 31st. The baby's birthday is New Year's Day.

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4 hours ago, Dcat said:

Happy birthday Jeto!

Mark Sanchez was unable to attend your party, but I brought his brother Zippy.  Enjoy.


Me and The Chimp go back a long time. All the way back to 2009. For a while there I thought I could connect the moles on his face like a constellation, that it somehow symbolized greater things to come. Turned out it was just debris circling around Uranus.

You were there when that was coined. It turned into a game like when we made up names for Justin McCareins (McStiffy, McMissedit, McDroppedit).

th?id=OIP.AWdyQ_aewg_fwBSoorMMDgHaMv%26pSo The Chimp, we had Herpes Chimplex, Chimples Simplex, Chimpelstiltskin, and the Jets and Cheats matchups were always The Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Good times within the bad when the Jets were turds circling the bowl or messing with us only to collapse like Aunt Bertha's souffle. Wait, that's every year. : /


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