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Four Starters


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27 minutes ago, Ghost said:

1. Hall 

2. Wilson

3. Johnson 

4. Hall 


I have to be honest, this is ridiculous. This is an absolute grand slam! JD deserves all the ******* credit in the world. 

I am a huge Zach Wilson fan but I’m not listening to any excuses this year. The offensive line improved with Tomlinson. We added two pretty good, big bodied tight ends. We added the best RB in college.  We added arguably the best receiver in the draft. He needs to be ready and I think he will! Enjoy this Jets fans. This is awesome. 

What's crazy is all you hear is how first rounder miss all the time. Well I don't know which one won't be good for us. But even if not all stars all should be be pretty good players..I never thought it was going down like this. I feel like Joe has improved year to year in the draft. Lil luck maybe but just great picks

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54 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

It is kinda crazy considering he somehow drafted the highest or second highest rated player at all four positions. All four positions of needs, three of them key. Yet, getting the best running back in draft in the second round? Icing  on cake! Thank you Joe Douglas, thank you. 

And was smart enough to stay away from Thibs and get JJ later down the stream.  JJ a more complete football player and a great fit. And, he looks like he is having fun already.  Sauce was my guy at 4, but I'm really diggin' JJ

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48 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Questioning Woody, Douglas or Saleh moving forward should be a bannable offense.  Unless Elon Musk buys Jet Nation, there will be no more of that on this board..

You do understand that Elon is doing the exact opposite of what you're inferring....yes?


Otherwise,  sure. You bet.

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Just now, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

I have LB, Swing Tackle, DT.  Doesn’t matter the order

I was more so listing that if we were to draft the following positions, that it's possible to leave the drafts with more starters. Sorry to confuse you. 

There's only two DTs remaining that I like in Neil Farrell Jr. and Matthew Butler.


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