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More receipts for Saleh


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2 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:


I mean, based on the way the Jets D played against the Ravens, I feel like the Jets defense could perform well against Cleveland. 

Having said that, it's a week to week league and the Jets defense needs to prove they can play consistently well. 

Regardless, I'm terrified of the Browns pass rush. I don't think we can win this game without a much more concerted effort to run the ball than we had last week. If we are averaging 6 yards per carry at the half like we did last week, Flacco better not finish the game with more than 35 pass attempts, or I don't think we have a chance. 

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Can fans cash in their receipts on BS when he fails to deliver?

There would be a virtual conga line outside of 1JD.

They could even make it fun and add a limbo stick where Saleh holds out the money. You get your cash back after you pass under the limbo bar.

Good metaphor for the Saleh era.

Bar keeps getting lower. Yet Saleh keeps finding ways to underperform.

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17 hours ago, bostonmajet said:

Saleh has Rex Ryan helping out and speaking in his ear; unfortunately Rex was at buffalo wild wings and mistakenly said receiptes.

I think that Saleh was on the phone in his car with Rex before Saleh was hired, and Rex was late for buffet at his local restaurant, and the buffet was going to close up in an hour.  Rex told his friend to go all gas and no brake, so that they could get to the buffet before they close.  Saleh thought that Rex was telling him what the theme of his coaching job should be.  

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