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T#3 C7ust3rFvck @ G@ta R!dg3 - gam3 s#0w


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[mention=5406]Jetsfan80[/mention] I hate you for getting me hooked on this f'n game. My nose has been in it for a damn week.

Now you see what the main board has been missing, and why every offseason I tag several hundred posters trying to win converts.

We look like weirdos, and we are. But once you try it and get into it, you get hooked.
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13 hours ago, Stark said:

If I don't respond to players that is scummy. If I respond to players its defensive therefore scummy? 

which is it?


i am around and able to check the board someone comments about a post i respond with an answer. its D1 limited gameplay because we are in the joke phase and half the game is quiet so i am pushing, pulling asking questions trying to play some mafia and get some information.


its HOW and WHY you respond

12 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

So I'm the crazy one?

Looks like lol

well you love me so....



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9 hours ago, Pac said:

another pro tip.. sadly that spazz Hesshole is most likely town..  Gutless Gastineau quitting is indicative of a clueless vanilla townie..  if he were scum his teammates would have coached him up in the chat and he would have felt more compelled to give it an effort.

man I'm good at this.

Pretty gross post

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9 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

Interesting. I, too, thought it suspicious how quickly those trains died when we were so close to a lynch.

It appears Pac and I had a similar thought.



I suddenly feel the need to take a really long shower. Might just lay in front of a train if I can't get clean.

Spoot’s town

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10 hours ago, CTM said:

It's not a big deal, he just wants to watch you pee. Harmless really

Worst trend ever is the finance bro’s who are so big on the #hustle posturing that they have to be using their phone at the urinal. I’ve told many a toolbag to knock it off.

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1 hour ago, kdels62 said:


vote spoot

i have no reason for this. But you guys are too busy congratulating yourself for playing games on the internet so I’ll keep my vote on a guy who sucked last game.

I knew youd do this... my genius knows no bounds.

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