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Favorite scenes from iconic actors

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The brilliance of Quentin Tarantino's dialog.  NSFW with lots of N-words and other embellishments.  

Humphrey Bogart in the Caine Mutiny:   I also loved the ending scene.  (Jose Ferrer was MiguelFerrer's dad for those of you who think he looks familiar). Favorite line: I'm a lot d

Two of the greats together.  

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8 hours ago, predator_05 said:

lol, this movie is completely out of place in this thread.


I'm ashamed to admit that i watched this on cinemax over a decade ago

lol  Yeah, these threads are usually filled to the brim with scenes which are less than humorous.    I put that one from The Sweetest Thing for a bit of comic relief.  

Truth be told, I will watch that flick every time it's on TV and laugh my ass off.  It's just stupidly funny.  Plus all the chicks are totally cute. I live for this scene.  lol


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20 hours ago, Losmeister said:

oh, fun

Roma vs Moss in GlenGarry GlenRoss...   " I'll buy ya a pack of gum and and show you how to chew it."


This play/movie has some of the best writing this nation has ever produced.  David Mamet's words (as well as James Foley's direction)  and scene structure are breathtaking.   As is Jack Lemmon's performance.  The use of steak knives here is beyond brilliant.


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