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Report: Jets Intend to Fire Dowell Loggains


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6 hours ago, mrcoops said:

Not that I am doubting that Loggains will eventually be fired...but who the F is Andrew Waltz?

Looks like a guy who just stuck "NFL" at the end of his handle to try to look like an insider, than tweeted out an obvious thing that's going to happen to make it look like he got a scoop.

It says “NFL Insider”. Right in his twitter bio! 

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I think it's funny that the majority of coaching staff they are leaving be for the moment, presumably for the next head coach to decide what to do with (although I dont remember a coach not bringing in his own coordinators?) ... EXCEPT for the hobbit. The day after Gase was fired and Dowell was still employed, I could just picture him calling his Mom to tell her he thinks he might be getting a promotion while reassuring her not to worry, that he won't be moving out of her basement...

And then Joe Dougie shows up...

"Nah little guy, I'm sorry. When we start bringing in candidates to interview, we need to at least pretend we are a credible organization so we can't have you anywhere in the building. We've taken the liberty of packing your things - Why do you have a hamper of Adam's laundry? Nevermind, don't answer that - One of the interns is pulling your smart car around front. Tell Mom I send my best. "

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22 minutes ago, #90 said:

Hasnt the entire staff been fired? If no, why not?

 The whole staff sucks balls. No one should be retained.

Let the new HC make the decision on the staff. 

As to Loggains, has not been reported by any of our beat writers that I have seen, so this may just be speculation.  In which case, it is not exactly going out on a limb to report that Loggains is likely to be let go.


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7 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

I guess the rest of the coaching staff is staying 

I edited the title, people run with things. We all know he will be fired, but the tweet says the Jets intend to fire him. I don't believe this has happened yet so I edited the title.

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6 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

When I first read this thread title, I though "no sh*t"  Then I pictured Loggains chaining himself to his desk and saying "I'm not leaving!"

Oh, so many political jokes here ripe for the making... 

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