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TOP GUN Mafia - Game Over - Scum Wins Flawless Victory

Barry McCockinner

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1 minute ago, The Crusher said:

My good friend Dominick did that. He was fifty and never married no kids, she actually 29 I think. He’s now 57 and had 3 kids under 7. Mo might want to check his math. 

That was actually a line from Malcolm X said by Denzel..  it was so bizarre it just stuck with me lol.  

I like the idea of it tho.

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Maverick got a little too cocky during an instructional dog fight and went after Viper. It was an intense encounter and while Viper proved to be more than Maverick could handle, he did give him a run for his money. 

It wasn't long after Wolfman took out Maverick while he was chasing Viper that the reality of the initial warning to always act as if we are at war sunk in. 

Viper: "We've got a probablem here, I'm going to need some backup immediately".

Migs had appeared on the radar while Viper was distracted by Maverick and they had now swarmed around his F-14 while the rest of the American pilots were returning to the air craft carrier. Viper shook one mig after another buying time.

Maverick: "We're on our way Commander."

Maverick and Wolfman were both in the air but were still a couple of minutes from the fight as they reversed course back to help Viper.

Viper fired a missile at one Mig but it missed, quickly sailing out of view. He avoided gunfire from another Mig as another overtook him from above. 

Viper: "Guys, where are you, I can't hold them off much longer by myself?"

Before Maverick or Wolfman could respond they arrived to the fight as a plane was being struck by a missile.



Ape - Viper - Vanilla Town has been killed in a dog fight with Russian Migs.


The pilots were all given time to mourn the loss of their instructor. During this time, Maverick and Charlie grew close and became very fond of each other.

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On 8/24/2021 at 7:22 AM, jvill 51 said:

Really busy morning capped with a meeting at 12 but I should be able to pop in every so often and right before the meeting. Basically willing to consolidate on anyone if need be.

dont really have anything I’d consider a strong read right now. Nolders post about getting the game going read like genuine frustration about the D1 pace of play. Drums has been hitting some of his town meta for me. Apes post stood out a bit as off brand but then again I thought that last game as well. Other than that I’m coming up blank.

Like what? I’ve barely posted

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49 minutes ago, Drums said:

Like what? I’ve barely posted

Yeah, that’s why I qualified it that you’d only hit “some” of your meta and said I’d still vote anyone on D1. Your aggressiveness with the Ape and your questioning of Nolder’s contradiction is what I was referring to btw.

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On 8/25/2021 at 8:05 PM, Stark said:

sorry man but I hate when people blame a deadline vote on the few people that are around. and we were only talking about 3 votes... I think 3 people never voted

it sucks but I think from now on every game should start with a 24-36 hour deadline 

This post reeks of guilt

j/k  LOL

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22 hours ago, Stark said:

can we even call any of those "trains"? not a great Lynch but no one should get lynched with 3 votes on the first day.


Stark has a point tho. When you're getting lynched you should at least feel included and appreciated.

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