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Hell yeah!!

The Crusher

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6 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

We are tied for second in the AFC East! Cheer up bitches!!!

I totally agree dude.. and everybody who's on the ledge about to jump please jump!? Thanks!

Considering the circumstances and the situation, rookie QB and his first game. New head coach, new coaching staff and new schemes I was smart enough not to set myself up with unrealistic expectations.

That being said, I liked what I saw. You can tell at the press conference the change of culture that is being fine-tuned. I have no worries this is going to be good. Just don't be unrealistic and expect everything to change and be perfect overnight.

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1 hour ago, Integrity28 said:

Truth, we were trash today - but so was our division. Season can’t be lost in a day.

And Week 1 is the least meaningful week of the season, by far.  I really wish we'd have faced this Panther team later in the season.  Week 4 or later, with the OL gelled a bit, and I bet this would have been a W.  

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Shows that the O line guys who played in the preseason were better than the guys that didn't play at all, and that's not saying much.  I'd like to see any kind of stunt recognition moving forward and possibly having the Dline "let them eat' by doing something other than standing in front of a lineman and dancing.

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Bills were bad today for whatever reason.

I watched the Dolphin game, and it was amusing to see the shoe on the other foot.  The Pats could easily have won by 3 scores but kept shooting themselves in the foot with penalties and random unforced turnovers.  Usually its the reverse.

The problem is I think both those 'lesser' teams are going to be good this year, so we are potentially in a rather difficult division.

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