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Predict the SCORE...JETS vs Pats


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I have very mixed feelings abut this game. I am excited but somewhat scared that it could all go wrong.

Our OL needs to pull together,fast. If they are anything like they were in the pre-season you can chalk up a Pats victory. I think if Chad is protected he will be good, he had no problems consistently moving the ball on the Pats D last season and I expect the same.I think we will come out throwing, I dont expect TJ to do much and think we'll be careful in how we use him, I wouldnt be surprised to see more of Leon, this guy is something special and I think he could be a real difference maker, he is a threat to all the way every time, look for us to try and get him in open room with the passing game.

I hope we go straight after Asante, I've been watching lots of Pats games recently and really dont think he's as good as people say. I really like our WR's vs the Pats secondary especially without Rodney Harrison.

I have to admit though I dont think the loss of Harrison + Seymour is huge. Seymour is very good (not the force he once was though IMO) but the D has proven they can cope without him, same for Harrison.

On defence I am worried, Our pass rush will suck as always unless we blitz on like we did in Foxboro last season, we may have to do this and it could cost us. Run stopping will also be a problem IMO, it might not be as bad now we have Coleman instead of the useless turd that was Kimo, but D-rob still get pushed arond too much for my liking as does the rest of our undersized front 7. Thats why I wish we would start David Harris, that guy is just a beast and IMO would instantly improve our run D.

Another factor in this game may just be special teams, Justin Miller should be back and is always a huge threat. Hopefully he could give us great field position if nothing more. Our coverage should be solid as always and am not really worried aout Welker in their return game.

Overall it should be a really tight hard fought cotest. I'm sorry but I cant help but take the Jets.

Im saying 20-14 Jets. smiley.gif

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