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****The Official Jets VS Chargers Game Thread®©™****


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the Jets just get jobbed on a possible NON TD replay no-call




i ******* hate the NFL

The Jets won their fair share last year with some help from the refs. It's not anti-Jets to me it's just anti-fun and stupid. The game turn out is completely controlled by the refs now. Personal Fouls and Pass interference. It's lame.  

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So basically we're just gonna go ahead and call a penalty on every single play now.  the NFL really is becoming painful to try to watch, and that's completely independent of how unwatchable Jets games are all on their own.



time to start following the CFL and college football if you want REAL action



the NFL?  big names and soft plays smh

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I'm not a big Rex fan. I don't care if he is gone or not. I'm just saying that the #1 person to blame in this debacle is Idzik. He should be fired on Monday.


Lol what a crock. You're every bit the clown Rex is. So desperate to shift the blame off this buffoon that you credit the GM with which players see the field.


Face it, it's Rex. It's always been Rex. And God willing, he'll take the fall sooner rather than later.

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