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****The Official Jets VS Chargers Game Thread®©™****


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Can we please dispel this idea of Rex being some defensive genius? How many 1st rounders do we have on defense? And we still look like sh*t on that side of the ball as well.

cmon , get a clue , I mean when's the last time a Super Bowl was played without a Ryan on at least one sideline ??
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Disliked the Vick signing and still do, but why give him 5 million dollars if he wasn't insurance for if Geno sh*ts the bed? Geno is sh*tting the bed, now is the time to cash in. If they were going to let geno be this bad, why not just sign a scrub or just leave simms as the backup.


Completely agree. It was obvious to every Layman fan with half a brain Geno was losing confidence and things were only going to get worse. I mean, WE JUST ******* WENT THROUGH THIS!!!! 

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