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Time for Simms. Wait, he's not even dressed is he??? LOL, bold prediction Vick goes in in the 2nd half gets destroyed and we stick with Geno like Sanchez rest of the season. **** yeah!!!

Disliked the Vick signing and still do, but why give him 5 million dollars if he wasn't insurance for if Geno sh*ts the bed? Geno is sh*tting the bed, now is the time to cash in. If they were going to let geno be this bad, why not just sign a scrub or just leave simms as the backup.

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Pryor cant tackle in space for his life. Cooks and Benjamin was on the board tho.


I was in shock when Idsik took Pryor over Cooks but did not try to kill him because one he had been here for just one year and as a Jets fan we always like to believe THAT "THEY" KNOW SOMETHING THAT WE THE FAN DONT KNOW. 

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